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Physical Examination for Surgeons is divided into 67 chapters, organized on 12 main sections, covered in 512 pages.
A study on relative contributions of the history, physical examination and investigations in making medical diagnosis.
86% of the patients presented when the family recognized a swelling, 12% presented when no reduction in the size of the lymph node occured after antibiotic usage and 2% presented when lymphadenomegaly was found on physical examination.
Each chapter focuses on common pathologies and outlines the basics and guiding principles of physical examination, diagnosis, and treatment.
Hung noted that free individual travelers will have more time taking physical examination than members of tourist groups, who have more difficulty taking such service, due to the tight schedule of their itinerary.
Sometimes you have to deal with a tough physical examination - and Arsenal will get that this lunchtime.
Patients had decreased flexion and limited internal rotation on physical examination.
Serum CA 125 assay, physical examination, and imaging examinations have been employed with different time schedules for the follow-up of asymptomatic patients.
Adding electrocardiography to a medical history and physical examination improves the overall sensitivity of preparticipation cardiovascular screening of college athletes, but is also associated with an increased rate of false-positive results, a single-center study demonstrated.
CASE FACTS: In 1997, Marie Cherise had a routine physical examination at Cumberland Diagnostic and Treatment Center (Cumberland), which was operated by the City of New York.
Detention without Physical Examination (DWPE): Stopping a shipment without collection of a physical examination by FDA.