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PIALProperty Insurance Association of Louisiana (Metairie, LA)
PIALPrivatization Implementation Assistance Loan (World Bank)
PIALProtease Inhibitor-Associated Lipodystrophy (HIV)
PIALPostoperative Intermittent Intrauterine Antibiotic Lavage
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Most tangentially migrating neurons may have first migrated radially from the VZ towards the pial surface, and some may thereafter switch back to radial migration.
Long-term outcome in children with moyamoya syndrome after cranial revascularization by pial synangiosis.
Intracerebral atypical calcification in nongalenic pial arteriovenous fistula: a case report.
The lumen of the majority of small pial arteries is round and is filled with aggregates of red blood cells.
Cekilen kraniyal manyetik rezonans goruntuleme (MRG) tetkikinde tum ventrikuller ileri derecede genis, periventrikuler alanlarda transepandimal migrasyon, kontrast madde uygulanmasindan sonra bazal sisternlerde, pons ve mezensefalon duzeylerinde pial duzeylerde kontrastlanmalar saptandi ve gorunum ozellikleri oncelikle tuberkuloz menenjiti dusundurmektedir olarak yorumlandi (Sekil 1).
NMO-IgG positive sera show a typical staining pattern around blood vessels, along the pial surfaces and Virchow-Robin spaces (see Figure 2A for a cartoon representation of this method and Figure 3A for an example).
Blood flow velocity in the pial arteries of cats, with particular reference to the vessel diameter.
We investigate neurovascular interactions in developing central nervous system, specifically examining the role that VEGF plays in regulating radial glia differentiation and developing pial blood vessels.
Tipo II: Variante en empedrado (del ingles cobblestone), que son un conjunto de desordenes de la integridad de la superficie pial, derivados de una displasia cortical que condiciona una obliteracion del espacio subaracnoideo con tejido ectopico neuroglial, lo que macroscopica--mente se manifiesta como meninges opacas y gruesas, y pondera el desarrollo de hidrocefalo:
The ophthalmic and maxillary branches of the trigeminal nerve innervate the cerebral, cerebellar posterior and basilar arteries, as well as the dural and pial arteries and the medial and anterior fossa.
La esquizencefalia es un trastorno de la migracion neuronal caracterizado por hendiduras de la corteza cerebral, que se extienden desde la superficie pial hasta el ventriculo lateral.
Faster time to treatment, greater reperfusion, and good pial collateral formation distinguished the 26 patients (24.