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PYPPrimary Years Programme (International Baccalaureate Curriculum)
PYPPinching Your Pennies (blog; Hyde Park, UT)
PYPPrimary Years Program
PYPPython Pre-Processor
PYPPython Print
PYPPhotoactive Yellow Protein
PYPPortland Youth Philharmonic
PYPPick Your Poison
PYPPlay Your Position
PYPPrevious Year Policy (insurance)
PYPPee Your Pants
PYPPost Your Pic (Internet slang)
PYPPohjoismaiden Yhdyspankki
PYPPeñafrancia Young Professionals (Naga City, Philippines)
PYPPoop Your Pants
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Rossol's latest book, Pick Your Poison: How Our Mad Dash to Chemical Utopia Is Making Lab Rats of Us All, is not specifically about the theatre industry.
Pick your poison from Deadly Nightshade, Zombie, the Corpse Reviver Number Two and Blood and Sand, and if you feel you are up to it why not get the cocktail shaker out at home and make them for your own Hallowe'en party.
Pick your poison carefully, just because you like a mean Martini doesn't mean you should open the next Martini lounge or gin joint.
When it comes to floor protection, you have to pick your poison: Canvas drop cloths don't slide around when you're working, but they'll leak if you have a big spill and they're bulky.
But they are not infallible and sometimes it is a case of pick your poison for punters when so much depends on track position and tactics.
WHEN IT COMES TO CELL PHONES, YOU MAY PICK your poison: BlackBerrys, Androids, flip, brick, smart and not-so-smart phones.
Pick Your Poison is great for those gals who can't make their minds up.
PICK YOUR POISON Wood preservatives are impregnated into wood under high pressures.
"Pick Your Poison" in our September/ October 2001 issue stated that Conoco was "currently seeking to explore for oil in Indonesia's Lorentz National Park." Not so, says Conoco spokesperson Carlton Adams.
In B.C the ex-premier is under indictment for misconduct in office and in Ontario, well, pick your poison.
Pick your poison: the floppy-eared Big Government, with its cradle-to-grave cuddles, or the shiny jet-smooth power thrust of Big Business--opulence at the cost of justice, beauty, and (for those on Wall Street) your immortal soul.