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PICNICProblem in Chair Not in Computer
PICNICProfessionals and Citizens Network for Integrated Care
PICNICPediatric Investigator Collaborative Network on Infections in Canada (infectious diseases)
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The thought of Tom's treatment of her when she was talking about her picnic came scorching back and filled her with shame.
Smith, 'it chanced that when they were out on a picnic excursion, the two were compelled by a thundershower to take shelter in a narrow recess of the rocks of Monument Mountain.
There was something affecting in the good faith of this sketch of former social glories; the picnic at the Lido had remained vivid through the ages, and poor Miss Tita evidently was of the impression that she had had a brilliant youth.
Steuben remarked that if the Count and Miss Day wished to meet again the picnic would be a good chance--the picnic she was getting up for the following Thursday.
And I've closed the wood where the Fernworthy folk used to picnic.
He can picnic in shady woods, ramble through leafy aisles, and linger on mossy seats to watch the sunset.
It had been one of the wonders of their intercourse that from the first, she, the quicker, finer, more expressive, instead of crushing him by the contrast, had given him something of her own ease and freedom; but now he felt as heavy and loutish as in his student days, when he had tried to "jolly" the Worcester girls at a picnic.
We've got about as much chance, if Jerry marries that girl," I says, "as a couple of helpless chocolate creams at a school-girls' picnic.
Care-takers in calico lounged on the door-steps of the wealthy, and the Common looked like a pleasure-ground on the morrow of a Masonic picnic.
It happened that they had made the acquaintance of two young ladies in employment in Clapham, Miss Flossie Bright and Miss Edna Bunthorne, and it was resolved therefore to make a cheerful little cyclist party of four into the heart of Kent, and to picnic and spend an indolent afternoon and evening among the trees and bracken between Ashford and Maidstone.
It was my misfortune once to go for a water picnic with two ladies of this kind.
AMBROSE--I am getting up a picnic for next Friday, when we propose to start at eleven-thirty if the weather is fine, and to make the ascent of Monte Rosa.