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PICNICProblem in Chair Not in Computer
PICNICProfessionals and Citizens Network for Integrated Care
PICNICPediatric Investigator Collaborative Network on Infections in Canada (infectious diseases)
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"Two o'clock--but isn't it splendid about the picnic, Marilla?
And then, of course, I had to tell Matthew about the picnic. Matthew is such a sympathetic listener.
The thought of Tom's treatment of her when she was talking about her picnic came scorching back and filled her with shame.
I warmed soup in a little apparatus I have for such occasions, which helped to take the chilliness off the sandwiches,--this is the only unpleasant part of a winter picnic, the clammy quality of the provisions just when you most long for something very hot.
Every paradise has its serpent, however, and this one is so infested by mosquitoes during the season when picnics seem most natural, that those of my visitors who have been taken there for a treat have invariably lost their tempers, and made the quiet shores ring with their wailing and lamentations.
The picnic was to take place in ten days: and though Arthur readily accepted the invitation I brought him, nothing that I could say would induce him to call--either with me or without me on the Earl and his daughter in the meanwhile.
"Could you come to-day?" I said, thinking "then we could have you at the picnic!"
But they were dressed for a photographic studio, not for a river picnic. They were the "boating costumes" of a French fashion-plate.
He told them that that sort of thing was half the fun of a picnic. They said it was very interesting.
The fellows were not bricklayers, but, as in the old days, they attended all Sunday picnics for the dancing, and the fighting, and the fun.
Young farmers who were in town for Saturday came tramping through the yard to the back door to engage dances, or to invite Tony to parties and picnics. Lena and Norwegian Anna dropped in to help her with her work, so that she could get away early.
There was quite a bewildering succession of drives, dances, picnics and boating parties, all expressively lumped together by Phil under the head of "jamborees"; Alec and Alonzo were so constantly on hand that Anne wondered if they ever did anything but dance attendance on that will-o'-the-wisp of a Phil.