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PELPermissible Exposure Limit
PELPermissible Exposure Level
PELPrimary Effusion Lymphoma
PELPicture Element
PELProjet Educatif Local (French: Local Education Project)
PELPak Elektron Limited (Pakistani home appliances brand)
PELPlan Epargne Logement (French: Housing Savings Plan)
PELPelagic Fish (FAO fish species code)
PELPerformance Point Expression Language
PELPulley End Left
PELPower Electronics Laboratory (University of California, Irvine)
PELPaid Education Leave
PELPublic Entertainment Licence (UK)
PELPortfolio Européen des Langues (French: European Language Portfolio)
PELProgram for Experienced Learners (Eckerd College)
PELPhonetic Element (speech sound model)
PELPatient Education Library (various locations)
PELPhrenoesophageal Ligament
PELPhysics Express Letters
PELPrioritized Effects List
PELProximity Electron Lithography
PELPrecision Elastic Limit (stress level)
PELProtocol Engineering Laboratory
PELPrecautionary Emergency Landing (US DoD)
PELPortable Emergency Lighting
PELPotential Evasion Locale
PELPoint Engineering Limited (Port Harcourt, Nigeria)
PELPrimary Equipment Location
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Tarrant County College uses Picture Element, a responsive image technique, to serve different images to users on desktop and mobile screens.
The TV can thus theoretically be left on permanently without picture elements like network logos leaving an afterglow or burning in.
In the case of some display technologies, memory effects will start glowing after one minute of TV use if static picture elements are shown on their screen in high luminosities.
In a 72-hour endurance test, the testers performed measurements on Samsung QLED TVs to check their putative burn-in effects, which may be caused by static picture elements. These effects, also referred to as eCiEAEmemory effecteCiEAE, eCiEAEghostingeCiEAE, eCiEAEimage retentioneCiEAE, eCiEAEsticky imageeCiEAE or imprecisely as eCiEAEburn-ineCiEAE, tangibly impair the picture quality of a television.
The Software Call determine how far picture elements are from the device and can use this information to generate a 3D model of the object.
It sounds impressive, with super-detailed pictures that have four times as many pixels (picture elements) as a 1080p HD set.
That is the number of picture elements, or pixels, the manufacturer has crammed into a display.
The members of the swarm--the following example deals with picture elements and insects--only form a meaningful whole for a certain period of time and only from a specific perspective.
The digital file drives an exposure system using three lasers to create a reflection hologram made up of picture elements, or Hogels (holographic elements) by Ultimate, which are 0.25 mm square (a recent improvement from 0.40 mm).
Each screen is divided into picture elements called pixels.
These small electrodes are similar to the picture elements or pixels in a display panel and may include hundreds or thousands of pixels, each individually addressable with a distinct voltage affecting a local point of refractive index.
A "raster image" is based on cells or picture elements (pixels).