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PICSPublic Interest and Community Service (Morgan Lewis law firm)
PICSProtocol Implementation Conformance Statement(s)
PICSPlatform for Internet Content Selection
PICSPlug-in Inventory Control System
PICSPlan Information Control System
PICSProtocol Implementation Conformance Statement
PICSPhilippine Internet Commerce Society
PICSPersonal Injuries Civilians Scheme (UK)
PICSPennsylvania Instant Check System (firearms screening database)
PICSProgrammes Internationaux de Coopération Scientifique (French)
PICSPharmaceutical Inspection Cooperation Scheme
PICSProfile Implementation Conformance Statement(s)
PICSPacific Industrial Contractor Screening
PICSPrinting Industry Competitiveness Scheme (Australia)
PICSParts Inventory Control System
PICSProtocol Information Conformance Statement
PICSPlatform-Independent Content Rating Scheme
PICSProject Item Coding System (Colorado Department of Transportation)
PICSPunjab Institute of Computer Sciences (Lahore, Pakistan)
PICSPassword Issuance and Control System (US Department of Homeland Security)
PICSProgrammable Industrial Control Simulation
PICSProcess Instrumentation and Control System
PICSParent Interview for Child Symptoms (behavioral science)
PICSPatent Image Capture System
PICSProgressive Inter-Cultural Community Services Society (est. 1987; British Columbia, Canada)
PICSParliamentary Investigatory Committee on Sects (Belgium)
PICSPersonal Computer Image Communications System
PICSPersonal Computer Instructional System
PICSProviders' Integrated Client System (Pellcomp Software Ltd., UK)
PICSPlugin Inventory and Control System
PICSPrimary Inter-LATA Carrier System
PICSProtocol Interface Compliance Statement
PICSPulsed Image Converter System
PICSPolicy Information Capture System
PICSPediatric and Adult Interventional Cardiology
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They either inherited or bought a gallery more or less full of old pictures. It was as much a part of their education to put their faith in these on hearsay evidence, as to put their faith in King, Lords and Commons.
"Why did I always think your pictures beautiful, Dirk?
I have painted a great picture. For a whole year I have worked, and now it is ready.
It is in one of the three forty-foot pictures which decorate the walls of the room.
In this book is an outline purporting to be a Picture of a Physeter or Spermaceti whale, drawn by scale from one killed on the coast of Mexico, August, and hoisted on deck.
Old Johnson's face will be a treat when he sees it; won't go bragging about HIS pictures much more.
'Only some one come about the pictures,' said she, in apology for her abrupt departure: 'I told him to wait.'
Poor thing, many's the time I made myself go up to the little room that used to be hers and get out her poor old scrap-book and read in it when her pictures had been aggravating me and I had soured on her a little.
I remember when in my younger days I had heard of the wonders of Italian painting, I fancied the great pictures would be great strangers; some surprising combination of color and form; a foreign wonder, barbaric pearl and gold, like the spontoons and standards of the militia, which play such pranks in the eyes and imaginations of school-boys.
At his side hung the hunting knife of his unknown father in a sheath self-fashioned in copy of one he had seen among the pictures of his treasure-books.
Usually this picture seemed merely a country scene, but whenever Ozma looked at it and wished to know what any of her friends or acquaintances were doing, the magic of this wonderful picture was straightway disclosed.
The Lieutenant-Governor sat, one afternoon, resting his head against the carved back of his stately armchair, and gazing up thoughtfully at the void blackness of the picture. It was scarcely a time for such inactive musing, when affairs of the deepest moment required the ruler's decision, for within that very hour Hutchinson had received intelligence of the arrival of a British fleet, bringing three regiments from Halifax to overawe the insubordination of the people.