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PIGParticipation in Government
PIGProjet d'Intérêt Général (French: General Interest Project)
PIGPassive Income Generator (tax term related to passive activity rules)
PIGPretty Intelligent Girl
PIGPartido da Imprensa Golpista
PIGPaint Inspection Gauge (Sheen Instruments)
PIGPoor Indian Graduate
PIGPendulous Integrating Gyro
PIGProgram Implementation Group
PIGPretty Interesting Girl
PIGProduct Implementation Guide
PIGPatrol Investment Group
PIGPartially Ionized Globule
PIGPhillips Ionization Gauge
PIGPipeline Inspection Gadget
PIGProduct Integrity Group
PIGProvide Information Goal
PIGPhoto Instrumentation Group
PIGPlasma Ion Generator
PIGPretty Insensitive Girl
PIGPretty Insensitive Guy
PIGPlant Insect Group (lab discussion group)
PIGProbability Impact Grid (risk analysis)
PIGParker Intubation Guide
PIGPlan-It-Green (educational program)
PIGParent Information Guide
PIGProfessionally Instructed Gunman
PIGPerseverance, Integrity, and Guts
PIGPesticides in Groundwater
PIGPipeline Inspection Gauge
PIGPolitically Incorrect Guide (Regnery Publishing)
PIGPrivate Interest Group
PIGProfessional Investment Group
PIGPretty Indian Girl
PIGProperty Insurance Group
PIGPride Integrity Guts
PIGPublic Interest Group
PIGPut In Ground (pour out leftover molten metal)
PIGPretty Intelligent Guy
PIGPretty Interesting Guy
PIGProduct Information Guide
PIGPigfish (FAO fish species code)
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The winter-spring assemblage consisted principally of pinfish (Lagodon rhomboides), pigfish (Orthopristis chrysoptera), dusky pipefish (Syngnathus floridae), southern puffer (Sphoeroides nephelus), and gulf pipefish (Syngnathus scovelli), which together accounted for more than 95% of the cumulative percent similarity.
double Grass shrimp ([paragraph]) dagger]) Orthopristis chrysoptera Pigfish ([paragraph]) ([double dagger]) Anchoa mitchilli ([double Bay anchovy ([paragraph])# dagger])# Alpheus heterochaelis ([double Big-claw snapping shrimp dagger]) ([paragraph]) Seriola zonata ([double Banded rudderfish dagger]) Cyprinodon variegatus ([double Sheepshead minnow dagger]) Centropristis striata Black sea bass# ([dagger])# Stylochus ellipticus * Oyster flatworm Diadumene leucolena Ghost anemone Haliplanella lineata Striped anemone Bryozoan spp.
The summer bite is usually triggered by the sound that pigfish give off when scared," he points out.
Live bait fishermen using shrimp, pilchards, threadfin herring, finger or large silver mullet, pinfish, small ladyfish, pigfish or mojarra will have no trouble catching quality snook.
If you drift here, fishing for seatrout, don't forget to set out a live pinfish or pigfish under a cork, as the area is known for its lively cobia population.
Live baits that are effective are pinfish, pigfish, mullet, croakers and most any small finfish.
At a glance, pigfish look a little like pinfish (and the name will fool you if you're new to the conversation), but they are in the grunt family, unrelated.
Pigfish, pinfish, pilchards and large mullet are caught at first light around the [UNREADABLE IN ORIGINAL SOURCE.
If you know where they're holding, you can go out and blindcast with a castnet on the grassflats for the pigfish and if you don't get pigfish you get pinfish.
If there's a daytime bite, live baits including croakers, mojarras, mullet, pigfish and even shrimp will work better.
Live pin-fish, pilchards, mullet and pigfish are major sources of protein for spawning-size trout.
When the daytime snook bite turns on, you'll need live mojarras, croakers, mullet, pigfish or jumbo shrimp.