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Several of Bunyan's books are strong, but none of the others is to be named together with 'The Pilgrim's Progress.' This has been translated into nearly or quite a hundred languages and dialects--a record never approached by any other book of English authorship.
"Rather a rough road for you to travel, my little pilgrims, especially the latter part of it.
Sir, it is parlous news I bring, and -- be these pilgrims? Then ye may not do better, good folk, than gather and hear the tale I have to tell, sith it concerneth you, forasmuch as ye go to find that ye will not find, and seek that ye will seek in vain, my life being hostage for my word, and my word and message being these, namely: That a hap has happened where- of the like has not been seen no more but once this two hundred years, which was the first and last time that that said misfortune strake the holy valley in that form by commandment of the Most High whereto by reasons just and causes thereunto contributing, wherein the matter --"
'I only said that you are a pilgrim, a nobleman, and that I used to know you.
This very neat and spacious edifice is erected on the site of the little wicket gate, which formerly, as all old pilgrims will recollect, stood directly across the highway, and, by its inconvenient narrowness, was a great obstruction to the traveller of liberal mind and expansive stomach The reader of John Bunyan will be glad to know that Christian's old friend Evangelist, who was accustomed to supply each pilgrim with a mystic roll, now presides at the ticket office.
Cedric, whose feelings were all of a right onward and simple kind, and were seldom occupied by more than one object at once, omitted, in the joyous glee with which be heard of the glory of his countrymen, to remark the angry confusion of his guest; ``I would give thee this golden bracelet, Pilgrim,'' he said, ``couldst thou tell me the names of those knights who upheld so gallantly the renown of merry England.''
People no longer trudged along barefoot, wearing a pilgrim's garb.
All were silent, only the pilgrim woman went on in measured tones, drawing in her breath.
"If thou dost not betray me, Sancho," said the pilgrim, "I am safe; for in this dress no one will recognise me; but let us turn aside out of the road into that grove there where my comrades are going to eat and rest, and thou shalt eat with them there, for they are very good fellows; I'll have time enough to tell thee then all that has happened me since I left our village in obedience to his Majesty's edict that threatened such severities against the unfortunate people of my nation, as thou hast heard."
You will notice that these two cuttings have only one thing in common, which is the mention of Pilgrim's Pond, the estate, as you know, of the millionaire Ireton Todd.
One of the vessels in the fleet was that same Mayflower which had carried the Puritan Pilgrims to Plymouth.
In three separate directions, they were to set forth as pilgrims to the shrines of India.