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PIMPPee(ing) In My Pants
PIMPPut in My Place
PIMPPut in My Pocket (slang)
PIMPPaper in My Pocket
PIMPParty in My Pants
PIMPPirates in Men's Pants (Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas)
PIMPPositive Individual Making Progress
PIMPPipeline Integrity Management Plan (petrochemical industry)
PIMPParty of Important Male Physicians
PIMPPlaya in Management Profession
PIMPPrometheus Internet Mail Program
PIMPPipeline Into Motion Pictures
PIMPPlayer in Management Position
PIMPPlug-In Mini Packager
PIMPPersonal Internet Mail Processor
PIMPPositive Intake Manifold Pressure
PIMPPluribus Interface Message Processor
PIMPProject for Improvement of Management Practices
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Police barged into the hotel after undercover agents closed a deal with the pimp and found the females in a room, waiting for clients.
At that time, neither the girl nor the pimp knew what he did for a living.
The 19-year-old Pakistani woman was flown into the country by a Pakistani gang suspected of running a brothel before she quarrelled with her pimp, who killed her in June 2016.
Pimp My Gadget is the right shop for you, since they provide technicians who are highly qualified, have a wealth of experience and knowledge in repairing mobile phones, tablets, and electronic devices besides other dealing with other accessories.
On the flip side, Trevor comes face to face with one of Vegas's biggest pimps.
In Street Poison, Gifford patiently crafts a narrative that shows how Beck, a Chicago pimp, became the godfather of hip-hop, an integral cog in Hollywood's Blaxploitation era and one of the most-read black authors of the 20th century.
They were promised work as masseuses in Bahrain, but when they arrived in Bahrain International Airport in March, the alleged pimp confiscated their passports and took them to a flat in Juffair.
BY EMMA MCMENAMY RUTHLESS Eastern European pimps are branding the bodies of women they are trafficking into Ireland to let other vice bosses know they "belong" to them.
The game is this, though: a real pimp focuses fon making] sure he's manicured, he's pedicured, his hair is done, his face is right, his outfit is cold, his car look good, got a pocket full of money, conversation strong, smell good.
Gifford reveals how Goines simultaneously worked within the confines of mass-market publishing and also actively attempted to transform the political and affective power of the genre in his assertion that "Goines nevertheless transformed the pimp narrative into a story of black radicalism, thereby making the antiwhite, antiauthoritarian politics of the pimp autobiography an explicit part of this literary scene" (95).
In much of the country today if a girl is found in the custody of a so-called pimp she is not considered to be a victim of abuse, and that's just wrong and defies common sense," Wyden testified at a recent hearing.
As a Safdarjung Enclave- based pimp explained to Mail Today: " These girls are frank, natural, easy to go with and co- operative.