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PINGPacket Internet Groper (common meaning, but probably not correct)
PINGPacket Internet Grouper
PINGPrinceton Internet Group, Inc.
PINGPartimage Is Not Ghost (Linux)
PINGProcess-Improvement Networking Group
PINGParent Involvement Network Group
PINGPuck In Net: Goal!
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By combining the Ping Identity Platform with KPMGs knowledge and experience, customers benefit from being able to integrate large-scale identity capabilities on a single platform within existing business systems.
Together with its related parties, the investment team of Ping An Capital led an investment of more than RMB800 million into Fullerton, further cementing our relationship with Ping An of China.
The area will host a number of ping pong tables where passers-by can pick up a bat and have a game.
As well as free-play, each ping pong table features Random Acts of Ping Pong - a varied programme of master classes, competitions and activities.
You can find ping pong tables at: Albert Dock, Anchor .
Moody's Investors Service has placed on review for upgrade Ping An Bank Co.
Gold's third title about PING the heroic jumping frog is said to coincide with National Climate Assessment, a detailed US focused scientific report on global warming.
Ping was part of a Chinese consortium building a hydroelectric project and was accused by co-workers of throwing the Islamic religion's holy book to the ground.
project manager, said: "Putting a ping pong table on the street gives people a chance to connect with other people and the city around them - suddenly everyone is talking, playing, smiling and having fun.
10 March 2011 - S&P today continued the downgrade review on Ping An Property & Casualty Insurance Company of China pending the outcome of its parent's buy into Shenzhen Development Bank (SHE:000001).
Ping An group has said earlier that it will acquire 1.
lt;/p><p>iTunes Ping allows users to post their thoughts and opinions, favourite albums and songs and music downloaded from iTunes, as well as view concert listings and tell friends which concerts they plan to attend.