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PIONPi-Meson (binding of a specific quark-antiquark pair)
PIONPosterior Ischemic Optic Neuropathy (ophthalmology)
PIONPolycrystalline Iron Oxide Nanoparticles
PIONPrimary Idiopathic Optic Neuritis (ophthalmology)
PIONPolycrystalline Iron Oxide Nanocompounds
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"It's old and we want to bring it back to life," Pion said.
Moreover, Table 3 reflects that the experimentally obtained total kaon to pion multiplicity ratio agrees well with their UrQMD counterpart qualitatively and quantitatively over the entire energy range.
Pion. "Connie is a champion of Worcester and understands the needs of the region's visitors, what attracts them, and how the business community can be a part of their experience.
It means that the number of ions accelerated up to the energy above the threshold of pion production (~300 MeV) was very small in these time intervals.
Let us examine the pion and find an estimate for the intensity of its interactions.
Both found that these particles, called pions, could not possibly have had enough energy to give rise to the faster-than-light, or superluminal, speeds indicated by OPERA.
The patient had severe dengue haemorrhagic fever and while dengue optic neuropathy remains an unlikely possibility, the authors believe that the case described has features most consistent with PION.
Telerehabilitation merges computers, teleconferencing equipment, interactive television, interactive telephones, pagers, and the Web for the delivery of e-care services (Nevins & Pion, 2000).
"The field inspection is the most critical phase of the process," said speaker Norman Pion, vice president and senior project manager at Insurance Reconstruction Services in Smithfield, R.I.
"Yes, the paper is produced the oldfashioned' way," editor and publisher Laurence Pion responded via e-mail.
Powell named it the pi-meson, which was eventually shortened to pion.