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PIONPi-Meson (binding of a specific quark-antiquark pair)
PIONPosterior Ischemic Optic Neuropathy (ophthalmology)
PIONPolycrystalline Iron Oxide Nanoparticles
PIONPrimary Idiopathic Optic Neuritis (ophthalmology)
PIONPolycrystalline Iron Oxide Nanocompounds
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On the basis of this evidence one concludes that strong interactions must be much stronger than the experimental mass of the pion.
Perioperative PION is most commonly seen after spinal surgery (0.
Cecil Watson, a psychiatrist, began treating his patients through interactive video in the late 1950s (Nevins & Pion, 2000).
Pion added that after the inspection, finding out the concerns of other principal participants, such as building inspectors or a city council member for a public building, would help the adjuster prioritize actions.
Pion sets the paper on Intertype and Ludlow machines.
Whereas Anderson's moun had all the properties of an electron except for its greater mass, so that it was a lepton, the pion shared certain properties with the more massive particles and was lumped with them as a hadron.
Pion previously worked as area director of sales and marketing for the 199-room Hilton Garden Inn in downtown Worcester.
Because Pion had destroyed the Sherriff Office's entire fleet save for a few cars on patrol, initially officers had no way of catching up to Pion to arrest him.
So there's a limit to how fast the particles can zip along, dictated by the energy of their unstable pion parents.
We have investigated whether pion decays would produce superluminal neutrinos, assuming energy and momentum are conserved," he says.