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PIVoTPanasonic Innovation Volunteer Team (Japan)
PIVoTPhysics Interactive Video Tutor
PIVoTProstate Cancer Intervention Versus Observation Trial
PIVoTPerformance Indicators Visualization and Outreach Tool (US NOAA)
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In the lower ends of these tubes are holes in which the pivots of the axis revolve.
At the instant of contact the lad pivoted on one foot, and with all the weight of his body and the strength of his trained muscles drove a clenched fist into the bull's stomach.
We acknowledge that this report is a technical note, and that no objective of comparison between this new test and the classical pivot shift method in terms of data are presented.
The company said that Reich's contributions in product management and business development will be invaluable in leading Pivot to the next stage of development.
If it doesn't lift out, it's held in by the pivot rod.
Incitec Pivot Limited (Incitec Pivot) (IPL.AU), a fertilizer and explosive group, is planning to restart work on its ammonium nitrate plant at Moranbah in Queensland in May 2010.
In his address, Mackinder reviewed the history of nomadic invasions of Europe, the Middle East, and the Far East launched from the pivot region, including the Mongol conquests in the 13th and 14th centuries, and the subsequent expansion of sea power-based empires beginning in the 15th century.
The weight is back on the pivot leg, and the knee is bent slightly for added stability.
The other choices in that menu are Pivot Table functionality, which allows you to display pivot tables, and AutoRepublish option, which automatically uploads to the site any revisions you make in that workbook.
where D is a diagonal matrix with 1 x 1 and 2 x 2 pivot blocks, L is a sparse lower triangular matrix, and E is a symmetric indefinite diagonal matrix that reflects small half-machine precision perturbations, which might be necessary to tackle the problem of tiny pivots.
Click on "data" and select "pivot tables" from the drop-down menu.