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WCMS attacked the sextet with the passion and commitment of dedicated proselytizers; dizzying pizzicatos, soaring violin melodies, haunting cello slowdowns and bow beat-downs, easily converted the audience.
The poems are carefully crafted: stanzas are often self-enclosed, and their progress either turns an image on its head (as in the gently comical "Redeeming Myth in Inchicore') or complicates it, as when the speaker's mother, gathering clothes hung out to dry, is seen to pluck the strings of an instrument attuned to the pizzicato rain; a countermelody is played after her rush indoors by the father, "gathering close / the music she has left behind.
The program includes Pizzicato Polka by Johann Strauss, Serenade for Strings waltz by Pyotr Tchaikovsky, Spanish Dance by Enrique Granados, Tombo in 7/4 by Airto Moreira, ``Phase Dance'' by Pat Metheny, "Bonham" by Christopher Rouse and Suite for Solo Drumset and Percussion Ensemble by David Mancini, featuring soloist David Constantine.
The context heavily suggests reference to the double bass, about which American Heritage Dictionary IV observes, in part, "The largest bowed stringed instrument in the modern orchestra, also used frequently in jazz ensembles, especially played pizzicato.
The attending LATIN BEAT scribes were extremely impressed with their performance, including the unique multi-timbered style and phenomenal pizzicato technique displayed by Mark Summer, one of the outstanding jazz cellists of our time.
There were other pizza places nearby, including two on either side of Pizzicato on 23rd Avenue.
A recent track from, Pizzicato Five (a Japanese mambo band) thumps loudly and out dances Bianca, a red head in a black evening gown.
The string bass, now rarely played in its traditionally Western European arco or bowed manner, is played primarily pizzicato or plucked, supplying rhythm, keeping time, and providing a harmonic foundation.
Several of the movements dispense with the continuo altogether (the performers choose to use harpsichord continuo alone while acknowedging the documented evidence of a cellist, Eduoard, in the first performances), giving a glimpse into the Classical sound-world along with pizzicato sections and pastoral pedal-notes.
MTNA has partnered with the following companies: Better Practice, Taxbot, Collabra, Lenovo, Elavon, Office Depot/Office Max, TotalProtect Enhanced, Pizzicato,
The great Jascha Heifetz declared it to be unplayable and, although Britten revised and cut some flashier passages, the solo part is still very demanding - but Byers handled all the triple-stopping and left hand pizzicato with complete assurance.
This delightful aperitif had a clicky castanet feel created by synchronised pizzicato and staccato playing and the final tutti flourish left me wanting more.