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Applying the Bingham rheological model for the obtained flow curves of the modified Portland cement pastes (Figure 3), an exponential relationship was found between the different dosage of the plasticising admixtures and the paste yield stress [[tau].sub.0] (Figure 4a) as well as the plastic viscosity [[mu].sub.pl].
Plastic viscosity depends mainly on the volume of solid particles and how densely they are packed.
The rheological properties of the slurry fluid can be characterized by rheological parameters such as the flow index, consistency coefficient, apparent viscosity, plastic viscosity, and static shear force, as shown in Table 3.
Once the local shear stress exceeds the dynamic yield stress, the material flows with a plastic viscosity of p.
For water-based mud heated with imported viscosifier ([M.sub.R]); form the data represented in Fig.(6-8) it showed that the apparent viscosity decreased from 19cp to 10cp while the plastic viscosity decreased from 15cp to 7cp and the yield point also changed from 8 lb/100 [ft.sup.2] to 6 lb/100 [ft.sup.2].
Safe pipe tripping speeds are affected by mud rheological properties such as mud plastic viscosity and yield point.
Furthermore, the increase in the plastic viscosity of mortar was denoted by the flowing ability (flow time) results of the paste phase of mortar or concrete.
An attempt to modify the slump test to measure plastic viscosity showed the limits of such an approach [9].
The yield stress ([t.sup.0]) and plastic viscosity ([[mu].sub.pl.]) were determined in the course of linear approximation of flow curves (dependence between shear stress ([tau]) and shear rate ([gamma]) in the range from 0.1 to 100 [s.sup.-1] based on the Bingham model.
The plastic viscosity also decreases sharply in the beginning, but then it reaches a certain minimum value.
where [tau] (Pa) is the shear stress at shear rate [gamma] (1/s), [[tau].sub.o] (Pa)--the yield value and [[eta].sub.pl] (Pa.s)--the plastic viscosity (Szwabowski 1999; Li 2007; Petit et al.
In this paper, it is shown that all instruments tested could be directly and quantitatively compared in terms of relative plastic viscosity instead of the plastic viscosity alone.