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PLEASPro-Life Educators and Students
PLEASPublic Legal Education and Support (now Public Legal Education Network; London, England, UK)
PLEASParents' League for Effective Autism Services (Ohio)
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As he told the president of the Merchants San Antonio who made the plea of carrying so many others:--
Attend to your plea, Bumppo,” said the Judge; “you hear that you are accused of using your rifle against an officer of justice?
Enter the plea of not guilty,” said Judge Temple, strongly affected by the simplicity of the prisoner.
Such as using tooth-powd--" but here Dan stopped abruptly, remembering the Story Girl's plea for a beautiful month.
It is true that Fyodor Ryezunov's company did not plough over the ground twice before sowing, as had been agreed, justifying themselves on the plea that the time was too short.
I say nothing of his plea for claiming my confidence.
A division bench of IHC comprising Justice Noor ul Haq N Qureshi and Justice Shaukat Aziz Siddiqui took up NAB appeal plea against exoneration of Asif Ali Zardari for hearing Wednesday.
4% of pleas signed in major cities contained such waivers.
A constitution bench of the apex court had, on June 2, held that years spent behind bars during prolonged judicial proceedings cannot be a ground for converting death sentence to life imprisonment and review plea of condemned prisoners must be given an open court hearing.
Nonetheless, the factors militating in favor of pleas are often systemic: risk avoidance, conservation of prosecution and court resources (trials, hearings, and motions), (23) docket backlogs, and efficiency and timeliness of dispositions.
66) The United States Courts of Appeals for the Sixth and Eighth Circuits were reluctant to invalidate guilty pleas because of nondisclosure alone, holding that a case-by-case factual analysis is required in determining the defendant's voluntariness and intelligence in the plea entry.
Stressing that there has been a delay in deciding the mercy plea, the government argued in the court that it is not unreasonable, unexplainable and unconscionable to commute the death sentence.