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PLICAProfessional Liability Insurance Company of America (St. Louis, MO)
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The plica are bands of tissue that crisscross the knee underneath the meniscus.
While bilateral flow of iodinated contrast media in the neural canal is frequently verified under fluoroscopically guided interlaminar epidural injections, anecdotal evidence suggests unilateral blockades under this method may be the result of a band of connective tissue known as the plica mediana dorsalis (Figure 3) [59].
The resultant defect included the anterior mandibular alveolus, the anterior half of the oral tongue, and the bilateral floor of the mouth, extending posteriorly to the bilateral plica sublingualis (figure 1).
Reliable clinical diagnostic tests are unavailable so the diagnosis of the disorder is made by exclusion of intra-articular pathologies, patellar tendinopathy, peripatellar bursitis, plica syndrome, Sinding-Larsen-Johansson, and Osgood-Slatter lesions (Ivkovic et al 2007, Thomee et al 1999).
Abdominal sternite VII with plica and fissure; plica rectangular, narrowed; fissure with inner margin overlapping; gonocoxae I subtriangular, enlarged anteroposteriorly; paratergite VIII triangular, small, with spiracle visible; paratergite IX squarish, conspicuously larger than paratergite VIII.
The exhibition features a re plica parlour and kitchen from the house of a Tudor nobleman called Henry Madison, who lived in the North-east in the 16th century.
I couldn't walk the next day and couldn't run again for eight months," said Ellis, who was diagnosed with plica syndrome, a piece of tissue affecting a nerve in his leg.