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PLIEPlan Local pour l'Insertion et l'Emploi (French: Local Plan for Integration and Employment)
PLIEPost Beta-Lactamase Inhibitor Effect
PLIEPhase Linear Interferometer Experiment
PLIEPersistent Localized Interstitial Emphysema (neonatal complication)
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the purpose of this lot is to provide support services for the creation of a business creation project for beneficiaries of the CASA PLIE: minimum amount: 5,000 euros (HT) / maximum amount: 15,000 euros ( HT).
(24) It consisted of the digital video recording of the lower limbs individually during sequential execution of two classical ballet steps, demi-plie and grand plie, in classical ballet first and second foot positions.
Ten baseline trials (of one plie or saute each) were performed without augmented feedback.
Plie should be an action with resistance, says McMiller.
to establish a methodology to quantify, using kinematic evaluation, the technical criteria that guide correct execution of all phases of the plie; and 2.
In 45-minute or hour-long sessions, participants are pushed to fatigue through high repetitions of small movements, such as pulsing turned-out plies or parallel mini-squats on releve at the barre.
Conversely, movements such as the plie and saute, for which the task goal emphasizes the relationship between various segments of the body (e.g., pelvis and femur), may benefit more from kinesthetic imagery interventions.
Then, in plie, the rear of the foot rolls in and the metatarsals slightly roll out for counterbalance." The goal, she adds, "is to not have too much movement in one direction and not enough in another--and to maintain that balance while turning out."
According to sources, Indian Ferozwala Railway officials had requested the Pakistan Railways to resume operation of the Samjhauta Express which plies between Lahore and Attari and the Thar Express which plies between Karachi to Munabao in Rajisthan.
Gakango, which plies the Nyeri, Gataragwa, Ngobit routes is also among the seven.
The deregistered operators are Molo Shuttle Sacco, which plies the Nairobi-Nakuru-Kisii route, Nairobi Kiruline Services that travels from the capital to Nyahururu via Nyeri, and Gakanango Sacco.
Not only are the angles (P, y) that the steel cords in the second and third belt plies (8,9) form with the circumferential direction (A-A) approximately equal, but also the angles (a, 6) that the steel cords in the first and fourth belt plies (7, 10) form with the circumferential direction (A-A) are likewise approximately equal.