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PLOPPath Loss of Pointer
PLOPPattern Languages of Programs (Conference)
PLOPPublishing Legislation Online Project (Open Society Institute Hungary)
PLOPPDF (Portable Document Format) Linearization Optimization Privacy (software workflow tool)
PLOPPath Loss of Pointer (SONET)
PLOPPressure Line of Position
PLOPPlanetary Landing Observation Package
PLOPPhysical Link Operations Procedure (space data systems)
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So, although changes in practice and increased efforts are being applied to protect the water vole, the plop could soon be no more than an echo of the past.
Some of the experiments MAEA conducts include "Bacterial Growth and Micro Worlds," in which students explore the world of microbes by collecting and developing cultures for microscopic examination, and "Egg Drop or Plop," in which students get to drop an egg out of a three-story window.
Plop, thunk, gussshhh--it is the sound of rain that brings the toad to the surface to spawn; thus the life cycle continues.
TOP painter Chris Ofili plans to give plop art a good name - by auctioning a pounds 40,000 picture to help elephants who provide the dung he paints with.
Just plop each main-dish tray and rice pouch into boiling water for five minutes and drain.
Tree frog embryos plop out of their eggs in moments of danger, and now a researcher has found that their responses are proportional to the threat.
To bake in the backcountry, the outdoorsperson/gourmet simply needs to plop the Outback Oven on a camp stove to cook up a freshly caught trout, a batch of brownies or even a pizza.
The first raindrops Go plop, plop on the roof of his room.
When we get home from work, our urge is to plop down on the couch and stare at the "boob tube" - not having to use our minds, not having to make any decisions, not being forced to settle any resident or employee squabbles.
by invoking through his art such verbs as drop, plop, slop, fwaap
Suddenly, frogs started raining down around her - plop, plip, plop.
Readers will be glad that this sometimes grumpy man, once surrounded by grizzly bear cubs, had the good fortune not to be 'transmogrified into fresh bear plop," and that he now tells us not only about this but about a forest whose beauty is too often ignored.