PMPHPeople’s Music Publishing House
PMPHpanmictic midparent heterosis
PMPHPatented Milk Protein Hydrolysate
PMPHProfessional Master in Public Health
PMPHProductive Moves per Hour (measure of the productivity of quay cranes)
PMPHProgress in Mathematical Physics
PMPHPerson Miles per Hour
PMPHParasitology, Microbiology, and Public Health
PMPHPrinciple of Maximum Physical Hardness
PMPHPart Management per Hour
PMPHpostmeningeal puncture headache
PMPHProstacyclin Mediated Pulmonary Hypertension
pmpHpolymorphic membrane protein H
PMPHPreventive Medicine and Public Health
PMphperitoneal macrophages
PMPHParentes Magnam Posesiam Habet
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Song said that the strategic cooperation between Elsevier and PMPH presents on-going opportunities to foster more meaningful and mutually beneficial co-publishing collaborations, and SGAPPRT will always support efforts that promote global distribution of Chinese medical information.
As the largest medical publisher in China, PMPH is committed to improving medical education, research and clinical practice in the country through close collaboration with healthcare institutions, organizations, medical publishers and the global medical community," said Mr.
The launch of this book represents a milestone in the collaboration between PMPH and Elsevier that can only lead to more innovative and strategic cooperation in future.
I'm confident that the relationship between Elsevier and PMPH will continue to grow and contribute towards the growth of global healthcare information exchange.
With abundant resources from China's top medical universities, research institutions and hospitals, PMPH has great relationships in medical publishing.
Our strategic collaboration agreement with PMPH is a great step in providing access to top class medical resources for more clinicians, students and experts in medical professions in China.
PMPH has continually led the way in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) book publication throughout Asia.