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This most common manifestation is followed by lung necrosis, persistent spontaneous pneumothorax, chemotherapy or radiotherapy, (as a treatment for lung cancer) and tuberculosis.
This would explain the sequence of symptoms in our patient and the clinical picture of generalised peritonitis complicated by pneumothorax, which rapidly developed into tension faeco-pneumothorax.
Langerhans cell histiocytosis can present with cyst formation radiographically and with spontaneous pneumothorax clinically.
Half of the patients had a pneumothorax (n = 122), 12% had a hemothorax (n = 29), and the remaining 38% had a hemo/pneumothorax (n = 92).
The transpleural route has associated risks of pneumothorax and delayed empyaema, and, although it has been used relatively safely in a series of post-splenectomy collections, (3) should probably be reserved for when other options have been exhausted and after clear explanation of the possible risks to the patient and his/her doctor.
A thoracostomy tube is required if pneumothorax is present.
Tension pneumothorax (collapsed lung under pressure)--5%
On the eve of UCLA's season opener today against Vermont, Ariza was diagnosed with spontaneous pneumothorax - air in the pleural cavity of the lungs.
The coroner recorded a verdict of accidental death due to tension pneumothorax, bilateral adult respiratory distress syndrome and fractured ribs.
Many paramedics had not been trained how to diagnose a potentially life-threatening condition known as tension pneumothorax.