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POCAProceeds of Crime Act 2002 (UK)
POCAProtection of Children Act (United Kingdom)
POCAPost Office Card Account (est. 2003; UK)
POCAPediatric Perioperative Cardiac Arrest
POCAPostgraduate Cypriot Archaeology (annual conference)
POCAPoint of Closest Approach
POCAPossession of an Open Container of Alcohol
POCAPerformance Oriented Construction Activities (contract type)
POCAPrevention of Corruption Act of 2002 (Mauritius)
POCAPublic Offender Counselor Association (now International Association of Addictions and Offender Counselors)
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The total amount of money recovered by the POCA hearing was PS14,205.
According to Rama, Poca was at their home in Rama compound in Barangay Basak San Nicolas when he suffered from cardiac arrest.
This case requires significant investigative, financial and complex application of the POCA legislation.
Otra habilidad en que las diferencias entre expertos y noveles con rasgos de poca ansiedad fueron muy significativa, es en la que se afirma "Controlo lo que voy a realizar".
The present work is a preliminary study about the effect of POCA content on tensile and morphology properties of PP/CPH composites.
West Yorkshire Police and Crime Commissioner, Mark Burns-Williamson said: "Once again we have seen a substantial sum of money ordered to be repaid under POCA following the excellent work of West Yorkshire Police and prosecutors.
From nearly seamless integrations to fast turnaround on customizations, their team has worked with us to ensure Poca Valley customers have the best mobile banking experience available.
Estados Unidos, Canada y casi toda Europa han instalado su autoridad a partir de la previa presencia del orden, asi como en Italia y en America Latina hay poca autoridad porque hay poco orden.
Mr Butler said: "In 2002 the Government were bringing out legislation, the POCA, and the chief gave me the job as head of economic crime to look at the implications.
He had previously been served with the POCA order in relation to pounds 124,000, most of which has been repaid.
A POCA financial hearing will take place in September.
The government, however, has not yet prosecuted or convicted a trafficking offender under the POCA.