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POIPoint(s) Of Interest
POIProgram(s) Of Instruction
POIPoint of Impact
POIPoisonous (fire diamond warning code)
POIPoint of Information
POIPerson of Interest
POIPoint of Intersection (mathematics)
POIPlan d'Opération Interne (French: Plan of Internal Operation)
POIPoor Obfuscation Implementation
POIPrevention of Injury (military detention; US DoD)
POIPlan Of Instruction
POIPerceptual Organization Index
POIPoint of Impingement
POIPeriod of Interest (US DoD)
POIPURL-Based Object Identifier
POIPlane of Innovation (Everquest game)
POIProgram Oral Interpretation (forensics speech)
POIPoint of Interception
POIPanoramic Optical Imager
POIProducts Of Inertia
POIPeriod of Insurance
POIParallel Optical Interface
POIPride On Ice (website)
POIPercent of Increase
POIPolygons Of Interest
POIPurveyor of Innovation (marketing)
POIP-mode Oscillations Instrument (Mees Solar Observatory)
POIPrior Owner Inscription (book markings)
POIPlanned Operational Interval (US DoD; naval aviation)
POIPenguin on Ice
POIPurchase Order Index
POIProgramme of Inquiry (education)
POIPrincipal Operations Inspector
POIPlan of Implementation (UN)
POIPlan of Improvement (various organizations)
POIProof of Insurance
POIPosition of Interest
POIProof of Identity
POIPrimary Ovarian Insufficiency
POIPrinciples of Instruction
POIPhysician Office Integration (healthcare)
POIPoints of Interaction
POIPurchase Order Invoice
POIProbability Of Intercept
POIPoint of Interconnection
POIPoint Of Interface
References in classic literature ?
And down he hastened into that Eden of poisonous flowers.
She was found unconscious and in a high fever--the doctor said that she had received a poisonous bite, and the girl being at a delicate and critical age, the result was serious--so much so that she was not expected to recover.
Soon they rolled the Lion out of the poppy bed to the green fields, where he could breathe the sweet, fresh air again, instead of the poisonous scent of the flowers.
The sapling which had rooted down to a poisonous stratum on the spot of its sowing had been transplanted to a deeper soil.
Even the doctor could hope to escape its effects only by rising above the range of the miasma that exhales from this damp region whence the blazing rays of the sun pump up its poisonous vapors.
This gully was about a third of the way up the mountain, and it was filled to the brim with red-hot molten lava in which swam fire-serpents and poisonous salamanders.
He felt like the man who had gone out to shoot lions and returning with great spoil had died of the bite of a poisonous ant!
I meant, sir, the chances that the world might run into a belt of poisonous ether.
For untold ages, oppressed by protean fear, I am aware of wandering, endlessly wandering, through a dank and soggy wilderness, where poisonous snakes struck at us, and animals roared around us, and the mud quaked under us and sucked at our heels.
She saw him starving in a loathsome prison; she saw him pursued by assassins, and dying under their knives; she saw him drowning in immeasurable depths of dark water; she saw him in a bed on fire, burning to death in the flames; she saw him tempted by a shadowy creature to drink, and dying of the poisonous draught.
The poisonous flies and gnats swarmed around by thousands; in vain one waved myrtle-branches about like mad; the audacious insect population did not cease to sting; nor was there a single person in the well-crammed carriage whose face was not swollen and sore from their ravenous bites.
These children may most truly be called the riches of their father; and many of them have with true filial piety fed their parent in his old age: so that not only the affection, but the interest, of the author may be highly injured by these slanderers, whose poisonous breath brings his book to an untimely end.