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POLLPublic Opinion Location Library
POLLPost Oak Little League (Houston, TX)
POLLPower on Leased Line (modems)
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'And don't you know that I won't have no Poll Parroting on the part of my daughter?
You could go on Poll Parroting enough with her, when I warn't come in: Poll Parrot a little with her on this pint.
'Will you leave off a Poll Parroting, I ask you?' cried Mr Riderhood, half beside himself between the two.
You can Poll Parrot enough when you ain't wanted to Poll Parrot, you perwerse jade!'
When that was done, he awoke to a clear perception that Poll Parroting was solely chargeable with what had passed.
Horatio Fizkin, Esquire, of Fizkin Lodge, demanded a poll, and a poll was fixed accordingly.
First, I was amazed how the creature got thither; and then, how he should just keep about the place, and nowhere else; but as I was well satisfied it could be nobody but honest Poll, I got over it; and holding out my hand, and calling him by his name, "Poll," the sociable creature came to me, and sat upon my thumb, as he used to do, and continued talking to me, "Poor Robin Crusoe!
Confirmation of the poll method design and of the verification method; only if there is a clear verification method for the polling procedure (such as the casting and counting of ballots), can there be opinion poll fairness.
Given the relative homogeneity of voters living in a state compared with those throughout the country, the results of an exit poll conducted for state legislative assembly elections are expected to be closer to the actual figures.
It also directed the official to inform political parties and contesting candidates about the fresh poll.
Outside the polling station, a few youth said that the whole area had sworn to boycott the polls in view of Sheikh's killing.