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PYPython (file format/extension)
PYParaguay (IAO country code, top level domain)
PYProgram Year
PYSpray (METAR obscuration)
pyPyridine (chemistry)
PYPrior Year
PYPart Year
PYPangYa (MMO game)
PYProject Yes (various organizations)
PYPete Yorn (musician)
PYPayroll Accounting
PYPatient Year
PYPhoenix Yellow (Acura Integra Type R color)
PYPlanning Year
PYPromotion Year
PYSurinam Airways Ltd (IATA airline code)
PYPoka Yoke (Japanese: Mistake Proofing)
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A key observation-also made recently by Michelle Cooke at the University of Massachusetts-is that the physical mechanism of polygon formation requires a thick, wet, and mechanically weak layer of sediment.
Any polygon may not contribute significantly by itself to the overall pattern, but the archipelago emerges when the polygons are conceptualized as a collection.
Before the polygon calibration, both autocollimators were calibrated at a pitch of 9" using the same rotary table and characteristic curves of autocollimator measurements were determined [8].
A square permutation is a permutation without interior point, and a square polygon is the record polygon of such a permutation.
He said: "I would imagine bidders like Polygon would balk at the valuation the Halls will be looking for - of pounds 200m or more, or they can't come to an accommodation with Freddie Shepherd.
Following Newcastle's AGM last month the club revealed they had received an approach from St James' Park Group Limited, the name of the Polygon backed consortium.
Suppose our (convex) polygon P contains the lattice trapezium pictured below with parallel sides of length h and k placed distance w apart.
Since they found how to make spidrons based on other polygons, many more three-dimensional structures have become possible, and there is a lot still to explore," Gailiunas says.
He said Telent was unable to withdraw money from the escrow account and claimed that Polygon had not spoken to its pension trustees or pension regulators.
A convex polygon is a polygon that has every internal angle less then 180 and every line segment between two vertices of the polygon is strictly interior to the polygon except at its endpoints.