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However, the main limitation of that approach is the impossibility of incorporating modified nucleotides by a certain DNA polymerase.
The concentration of the primers and the polymerase varied according to the specific experimental protocols.
To identify the aa of the IAV PB1-F2 prote in most important for viral polymerase activity we designed four types of PB1-F2 expression plasmids each of which contained one type of aa mutation: pCAGGS- mtPB1F2-D6G -mtPB1F2-K29R -mtPB1F2-N66S and-mtPB1F2-T89I (Table 1).
Instead, in vivo DNA replication methods for most organisms rely on a class of enzymes known as DNA helicases, which act to locally unwind dsDNA to create small ssDNA regions suitable for polymerase activity.
It is reported that the Taq DNA polymerase lacks 3`-5` exonuclease activity and therefore, it is unable to cleave the mis-incorporated nucleotides [3].
coli DNA polymerase to anneal the primers and synthesize new DNA strands.
To determine the enzyme's structure, Kornberg and his colleagues used RNA polymerase from yeast cells.
None of the vaccine recipients had HPV 16 or CIN on at least two consecutive polymerase chain reaction tests, meaning that the vaccine was 100% effective, Dr.
In contrast, some of the less accurate polymerases, also called translesion synthesis (TLS) polymerases, bypass damage in the DNA, fall off after inserting a few nucleotides, and then allow an accurate replicative polymerase to continue.
Polymerase chain reaction testing (PCR) was performed to detect the presence of HPV and, if found, to identify its subtype (figure).
LONDON -- By 2015 the global polymerase chain reaction products market is forecast to reach $8 billion, having grown from a 2010 value of $5 billion at a rate of nearly 10% CAGR.
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