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Of the 150 women included in the investigation, 61% were nulliparous at the time of their first documented delivery at the study hospital, 72% had undergone a polysomnogram within 3 years of their delivery, and 86.
2]) had documented obstructive sleep apnea by polysomnogram.
The patients who had been admitted for desaturation had undergone a concurrent nasal procedure and had a mean desaturation level of 73% on preoperative polysomnogram.
If a polysomnogram, or sleep study, is recommended for me, how should I prepare for it?
Using a polysomnogram, they have analyzed how the intake of drink added with tomato vinegar affects sleep quality.
A polysomnogram involves spending a night or two in a sleep laboratory.
2003) studied adults and children with epilepsy, and found that 50% of those with both epilepsy and some risk factors for OSA who had a polysomnogram (sleep study) did have OSA.
David Brandes, standing, and sleep researcher Dennis McGrinty review a patient's polysomnogram at Northridge Hospital Medical Center's Sleep Evaluation Center.
Acceptable subjects returned for a second overnight polysomnography session and those subjects who met certain consistency criteria on key sleep apnea parameters between screening and baseline polysomnogram nights were enrolled and returned to the sleep clinic for a third overnight polysomnography session when they randomly received a single dose of either CX1739 (900mg) or matching placebo capsules in a four to one ratio just prior to the beginning of the sleep session.
As a precise therapeutic pressure is optimal for successful treatment, CPAP must be titrated to the patient, usually in the setting of an overnight polysomnogram.
Researchers from the University of Chicago enrolled 351 schoolchildren in Louisville, Kentucky, who underwent neurocognitive testing with the Differential Abilities Scale following an overnight polysomnogram or sleep study.
One version of the book provides easy access on the web of the entire text, as well as all of the book's illustrations, many videos of interviews with sleep medicine patients, over 40 sleep lab videos and 200 plus polysomnogram fragments.