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PUPickup (truck)
PUPick Up (oil drilling)
PUPrinceton University
PUPunjab University (Lahore, Pakistan)
PUPower Up
PUPer Unit
PUPurdue University
PUPanjab University (Chandigarh, India)
PUProcessing Unit
PUPhysical Unit (IBM)
PUPower Unit
PUProfesseur d'Université (French: University Professor)
PUUniversity of the Punjab (Lahore, Pakistan)
PUPublic Utility
PUPower Unlimited (Dutch gaming magazine)
PUPush Up
PUPeking University
PUPressure Ulcer
PUPacific University
PUPremière Urgence
PUPula, Croatia (license plate)
PUPhiladelphia Union (soccer team; Pennsylvania)
PUPen Up (Hyper Logo Turtle graphics command)
PUProgram Unit
PUPartido Unionista (Guatemala, political party)
PUPerformance Unit
PUPhillips University (Enid, Oklahoma)
PUPass Urine
PUPublic Urination (law enforcement)
PUPrinter Unit
PUPackaged Unit
PUProto-Uralic (linguistics)
PUPurbanchal University (Nepal)
PUParental Unit
PUPrototype Unit
PUProcess Utility
PUPerineal Urethrostomy
PUParticipating Unit
PUPrescribing Unit
PUPricing Unit (airfare construction)
PUProcessor Utilisation
PUPropellant Utilization
PUPig Urine
PUPluna Lineas Aereas Urugauyas (Uruguay, IATA airline code)
PUProcessor Utility
PU[not an acronym] Ugly, Noxious, Shocking, Smelly, or Odious
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Because of these, DKA can be misdiagnosed as acute abdomen, possible severe gastroenteritis, acute asthma, or pneumonia if the parents are not asked about a history of polyuria and polydipsia.
Impacts of the formula of Suoquanwan (SQW) on expression of AQP-2 mRNA and AVPR-V2 mRNA in the kidney of rat polyuria model of Yang-deficiency.
Polyuria, polydipsia and weight loss in spite of adequate caloric intake are the major symptoms of insulin deficiency.
We are aware of one case report in the literature describing a 47-year-old woman who took an overdose of baclofen, amitryptiline and alcohol and who developed features of diabetes insipidus: polyuria, low serum osmolality and high plasma osmolality which responded to desmopressin (5).
While spironolactone can be helpful, fatigue and polyuria are a frequent side effect.
It is characterized by polyuria, polydipsia and increased serum sodium and potassium levels.
A 28-year-old female presented for evaluation of left flank pain and polyuria after having been exposed to cadmium in the jewelry manufacturing industry for approximately 3 years.
1,2,4,5] The presenting symptoms included polydipsia, polyuria, decreased appetite, weight loss, bone pain, weakness, and fatigue.
When ADH levels decrease or when the kidneys aren't responding, excess amounts of water are lost into the urine, producing polyuria.
My mother and cousins worry about her health - her hypertension, loss of hearing, dizzy spells (one tumble broke her wrist), a minor stroke, chronic fatigue, periodic insomnia, polyuria.
alpha-blockers) in patients who are being treated for lower urinary tract symptoms (LUTS) and have nocturnal polyuria in their symptoms.
Clinical signs of gastrointestinal tumors consist of regurgitation, weight loss, weakness, inability to perch, head tilt, dark red-brown stools, and polyuria.