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PUPickup (truck)
PUPick Up (oil drilling)
PUPrinceton University
PUPunjab University (Lahore, Pakistan)
PUPower Up
PUPer Unit
PUPurdue University
PUPanjab University (Chandigarh, India)
PUProcessing Unit
PUPhysical Unit (IBM)
PUPower Unit
PUProfesseur d'Université (French: University Professor)
PUUniversity of the Punjab (Lahore, Pakistan)
PUPublic Utility
PUPower Unlimited (Dutch gaming magazine)
PUPush Up
PUPeking University
PUPressure Ulcer
PUPacific University
PUPremière Urgence
PUPula, Croatia (license plate)
PUPhiladelphia Union (soccer team; Pennsylvania)
PUPen Up (Hyper Logo Turtle graphics command)
PUProgram Unit
PUPartido Unionista (Guatemala, political party)
PUPerformance Unit
PUPhillips University (Enid, Oklahoma)
PUPass Urine
PUPublic Urination (law enforcement)
PUPrinter Unit
PUPackaged Unit
PUProto-Uralic (linguistics)
PUPurbanchal University (Nepal)
PUParental Unit
PUPrototype Unit
PUProcess Utility
PUPerineal Urethrostomy
PUParticipating Unit
PUPrescribing Unit
PUPricing Unit (airfare construction)
PUProcessor Utilisation
PUPropellant Utilization
PUPig Urine
PUPluna Lineas Aereas Urugauyas (Uruguay, IATA airline code)
PUProcessor Utility
PU[not an acronym] Ugly, Noxious, Shocking, Smelly, or Odious
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41] In this study, an increase in renal expression of AQP2 and AQP3 was detected in STZ diabetic rat, which serves as a compensatory mechanism to alleviate dehydration in diabetes mellitus as a result of polyuria.
In these studies, common diagnostic errors included misinterpreting symptoms (such as polyuria misdiagnosed as urinary tract infection), exclusively focusing on one or more symptoms (such as oral candidiasis), and not performing appropriate investigations (such as blood glucose or urine tests) (Pawlowicz et al, 2008).
While alleviating polyuria will improve the quality of life in SCI individuals, this area remains understudied.
Currently, there is no FDA-approved treatment for nocturia or nocturnal polyuria.
Plasma chemistry and urine analysis in Salmonella-induced polyuria in racing pigeons (Columba livia).
Diabetes mellitus induction was demonstrated by the glycemia serum test (Figure 3), and also by observation of the disease classic symptoms such as polyphagia (Figure 1A), polydipsia (Figure 1B), and polyuria.
A seven-year-old Yemeni male patient presented to the emergency room with polyuria, polydepsia, weight loss, nocturnal enuresis and decreased activity for 7 days duration and history of viral infection 4 weeks prior to the presentation.
Usually, in the first stages of Polyuria and Polydipsia, the dog drinks too much water and urinates more than normal as well.
They include urinary tract infections, anatomical abnormalities, severe constipation, conditions that cause polyuria, allergies, neurological disorders, hormonal dysregulation that can increase urine production and OSAS.
Additionally, diabetic patients often report excessive thirst and polyuria, and the literature supports an association between dental caries and poorly controlled diabetes.