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PVCPolyvinyl Chloride
PVCPermanent Virtual Circuit
PVCPremature Ventricular Contraction
PVCPermanent Virtual Connection
PVCPro Vice Chancellor
PVCPocket Velcro Closure
PVCProduct Value Chain
PVCPressure-Volume Curve (diagnostic test)
PVCPigment Volume Concentration
PVCParam Vir Chakra (gallantry award; India)
PVCPrivate Virtual Circuit
PVCPeripheral Vasoconstriction
PVCPublic Venture Capital
PVCPremature Ventricular Complex
PVCPrimary Visual Cortex (neurology)
PVCPoetry vs. Comedy (variety show)
PVCPhoto Voltaic Cell
PVCPulmonary Venous Congestion
PVCPrice Variation Clause
PVCPre-Veterinary Club (various schools)
PVCPrime Vendor Contract
PVCPresent Value Calculation
PVCPlayers Vacation Club (San Diego, CA)
PVCPropane Vehicle Council
PVCPotential Volume Change
PVCPleasant View Church (various locations)
PVCParent Volunteer Coordinator (various locations)
PVCProvincetown, MA, USA - Provincetown Municipal Airport (Airport Code)
PVCPerivascular Cuffing (neuropathology)
PVCPrivate Virtual Connection (BT)
PVCPsychic Vampire Codex (Michelle Belanger book)
PVCPigment Volume Content
PVCPoint of Vertical Curve
PVCPrism Video Converter (NCH software)
PVCPleasant Valley Cemetery (Crawford County, Kansas)
PVCPhotovoltaic Control
PVCPulmonary Valve Closure
PVCPressure/Vent Control
PVCPressure Vacuum Chamber
PVCPostal Vending Machine
PVCPosition and Velocity Computer
PVCPresión Venosa Capilar
PVCPerformance Value Chain
PVCPressão Venosa Arterial (Portugese)
PVCPotential Voltage Change
PVCPride of the Valley Chorus (Fox River Valley, WI, USA)
PVCPressure Volume Compensator
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Also, for workers exposed to VCM in the secondary processing of polyvinyl chloride powder, the risk of developing ASL or hemangiopericytoma cannot be excluded.
The plastics can be converted into oil or other plastics, such as polyvinyl chloride and polyproplene.
Request for quotations : purchase of polyvinyl chloride
These elastomers also have the elasticity of rubber, which allows them to be used as a substitute for vulcanized rubber and flexible polyvinyl chloride. These resins are said to be easily compounded with polypropylene, process oil and other ingredients, or they can be dynamically crosslinked in the compounding process, according to the company.
Newly registered by the EPA are two OBPA-based biocides on solid PVC (polyvinyl chloride) carriers: Intercide ABF-5 SV, 5% OBPA in a polyvinyl chloride homopolymer; and Intercide ABF-5 SVC, 5% OBPA in a polyvinyl chloride/polyvinyl acetate copolymer.
(However, as PET defenders point out, you can make a lot more containers from a pound of PET than a pound of glass.) Workers in plants making polyvinyl chloride (PVC) - another kind of plastic - have highly elevated risks of liver cancer and brain tumors; polystyrene manufacture involves benzene, a carcinogen.
For the tests, they mounted pieces of latex, urethane, nitrile, neoprene and polyvinyl chloride, one at a time, in a pressurized stainless steel cylinder.
These elastomers also have the elasticity of rubber, which allows them to be used as a substitute for vulcanized rubber and flexible polyvinyl chloride. The world market for hydrogenated styrene elastomers is said to be approximately 100,000 tons per year.
A single-component adhesive that uses ultraviolet light or visible light of sufficient intensity to cure, Ultrabond 787 is said to fill the void in adhesives for bonding polycarbonate (PC) and polyvinyl chloride (PVC); according to Hernon, 787 provides an aggressive yet flexible bond on PC and PVC, as well as many other plastics, and on substrates including glass and most metals.
When mixed in a roughly 3:1 ratio with any of a wide variety of commercial polymers, including Plexiglas and polyvinyl chloride, the additive -- triphenyl bismuth -- makes the composite as X-ray-visible as aluminum, Smid says.
Tenders are invited for the construction of approx 371 lf of the project will be installing an 18" polyvinyl chloride (pvc) sewer in a 60" steel casing.
Most notably, the coagent enhances the electrical properties of elastomer and polymer systems, including polyolefins, epoxies, polyesters and polyvinyl chloride, according to the company.