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PONParticulate Organic Nitrogen
PONPump Octane Number
PONPlane of Nightmare (Everquest game)
PONPacific Online, Inc. (Santa Rosa, California)
PONPayload Operations Network
PONPeriodical Operating Notice
PONProvincial Offence Notice (Canada)
PONPlus Over Normal (marketing/promotion)
PONProcurement Operations Notice
PONPrimary Olfactory Neuron
PONParaffins, Olefins and Naphthenes (biofuel products)
PONPassive Optical Network
PONProject Order Number
PONPurchase Order Number (Sprint)
PONPolish Owczarek Nizinny (Polish Lowland Sheepdog)
PONPetroleum Operations Notice (DTI UK government Department of Trade & Industry)
PONPath of Neo (game)
PONPort Out Number (telephone porting)
PONProgramma Operativo Nazionale (Italian: National Operational Program)
PONPanel of Neutrals (International Trademark Association)
PONProgram Opportunity Notice
PONProgram on Negotiation
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The repairs started recently and the work should be completed by the end of March so the piers and pontoons are fully operational for the start of the summer season.
The length of the pontoon allows for two or three vessels, depending on their size, to berth at a time on the front, and about 10 small tenders to berth at the back.
Tom Mason, Pontoon Solutions' SVP, EMEA, said, 'Jaguar Land Rover has a compelling vision for the future of the automotive industry and we're thrilled to contribute to their journey.
Carriage bolts (1 1/2-inch) were installed in the tops of the pontoons with their threads projecting upward for securing the blind platform.
The project was originally supposed to be completed in February this year but Dundar said design changes to the pontoons was the reason for the handover date being pushed back by three months.
We used to only sell pontoon boats to people who live on the water.
The floating pontoon means smaller river craft including canoes and kayaks can now moor there.
She said: "He was sitting with his feet over the edge of the pontoon.
Gareth McLaverty of Graham Construction said the float-out of the pontoon was a "significant milestone" in the Grimsby Riverside Terminal project.
Meanwhile, the Damen Stan Pontoon 4113 which was ordered by Australian chartering company Rhumb Maritme launched recently and is currently ready for delivery.
independent test done by Pontoon & Deck Boat Magazine
The pontoon was going to be used as a platform so workers could send rods to the riverbed.