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POPGUNPolicy and Procedure Governing the Use of Nicknames
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"Millions of people downloaded Garage-Band and then never used it," says Popgun founder Hibble.
Of course, all this sexy style is no good if the car has popgun performance, and there's no danger of that as the test car's 1.6-litre THP 200bhp engine has serious wallop, with a 0-62mph time of 7.6 seconds.
The Lafayette, La., native, has also worked on popular independent projects such as Teddy Scares and Popgun Anthology and is a favorite at Wizard World events.
so now I'm going to reach inside my shorts and pull out this popgun? Yeah, yeah, the gun with you is better than the one at home in the safe, but the gig still remains "I was fighting with Ken (so to speak) until everything goes south in a fight I could honestly lose and my response is ...
One month ago, Egypt's first democratically elected leader was portrayed as a popgun president -- the puppet dangling helplessly on the military's strings.
It seems the breech design of the Rolling Block and that of the living room popgun share similarities in many ways.
Though if his godfather does come up with that popgun, the balance of terror in the Hann household will no doubt be reversed as swiftly as a Greek or Egyptian election result that fails to deliver the required answer.
"If Obama is 'warring' against religion, he's doing it with a popgun and a rubber knife," Barry W.
Light is shone on the less well-known team members (if you want to know whose skis saw the least use, this is the book to turn to) and the sense of fun that so often seemed to power proceedings is nicely captured, with brief descriptions of Cherry-Garrard's newspaper, the various celebrations, and 'Titus' Oates's popgun: 'If you want to please me very much, you will fall down when I shoot you.'
Rupert Murdoch has recently become a poster boy for misplaced journalistic power, but he is only a popgun when compared to William Randolph Hearst (1863-1951).
There she stood, a fortnight before the denouement of the Czech crisis, convinced of the international need to reject Nazi intimidation, convinced of her personal need to stay in the face of danger--"I don't see myself running away at the first popgun"--and "as a girl" to serve as called upon in the defence of France and her allies.
He sometimes plays a conservative curmudgeon role on TV panels, and on occasion can actually be funny: one of the last things I saw of him prior to departing the country was on the so-called gun registry "debate"; he brought a popgun to the panel which he waved around like a crazy NRAer.