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POSEPalm Os Emulator
POSEPublic Open Space Easement
POSEPalm Operating System Emulator
POSEPicture-Oriented Software Engineering
POSEPortable Operating System Environment
POSEProblem-Oriented Software Engineering
POSEProfit or Savings Enterprise (Cleveland, OH)
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The power balance was in her favour and even though David was an established England star she's still very much centre stage, adopting a raised chin, preening pose while David lurks behind a bit warily.
Camel pose. Begin by kneeling at the top of your mat.
This pose helps boost circulation and flush out the toxins from the bloodstream and lymphatic system.
Human pose estimation in video is common in 2D plane or 3D scene.
In another photo, Maymay looked sleepy during a photo shoot so she captioned it: "Inaantok pero pose parin."
Known as the urdhva mukha svanasana, this pose belongs to the traditional sun salutation sequence.
"Her body is sideways to the camera and her back is arched in a typical glamour-based pose, plus she's dipped her chin to smile at the cameras from behind her hair.
Wide-legged poses, such as warrior pose, require significant stretch on the hips which, if performed incorrectly, can place undue force on the knees.
Morpho Pose Estimator is currently capable of estimating human body poses and can be trained to estimate postures of animals or objects.
This is a challenging pose; stay playful and try straightening one leg at a time.
- Lie down on your back and relax in the Corpse Pose or Shavasana
It shows how to make connections between initial options and end results, how to pose the entire body for a flattering look, and how to blend subjects with scenes that flatter them.