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PSTLPolo Scientifico Tecnologico Lombardo
PSTLPyramid Saimira Theatre Ltd
PSTLPanasonic Speech Technology Laboratory
PSTLPuget Sound Truck Lines
PSTLParallel Standard Template Library
PSTLPasukan Simpanan Tentera Laut (Malaysia)
PSTLPuget Sound Traveling League (girls basketball)
PSTLProblem Solving through Literature
PSTLPassing Shot Tennis League
PSTLPalangsophon Two Company Limited
PSTLProduct Support Team Leader
PSTLProjet Serveur Terminaux Linux (French)
PSTLPraxair Surface Technologies Limited
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Delegates from the UPU's 192 member countries and other major stakeholders will discuss broad issues affecting the global postal sector today, including the use of innovative technologies to improve postal services, the role of Posts in facilitating financial inclusion and global trade, the contribution of postal services to development issues, and the future of the postal sector.
The US Postal Service, a charter client of ConEdison Solutions, has been a customer of the company since 1997.
So it is probably no surprise that the Postal Inspection Service has jurisdiction over such areas as obscenity and child pornography, Internet scams, credit card fraud and illegal drugs and trafficking--all of which usually rely on the U.
Postal workers from as far away as Oxnard joined the ``informational'' picket line Wednesday.
The heart of Mexico's postal service is Pantaco, the dispatch center that Bodarte oversees in an industrial area of Mexico City, which is already in tiptop shape.
Then you have a cancellation mark on the stamp indicating just when the postal carrier received your mail to deliver," Smith said.
Post Office Gift Postal Orders are the perfect answer to the annual dilemma of how to buy the "perfect" Christmas gift, solving the problem of keeping up with teenage trends - and making giving a present that's the wrong size or colour a thing of the past.
The result means US Postal now hold the top eight places in Le Tour and, although Pena will doubtless enjoy his time in the limelight, four-times winner Armstrong is just one second back.
Beginning on October 12, 2001, we obtained surface samples for cultures at Palm Beach County postal facilities that processed workplace mail.
Since the incidents, postal officials announced plans to purchase electron-beam devices to sanitize letters and packages.
While postal spokespeople have refused to comment on the ongoing litigation, the service s motion for summary judgment argues that its operation is more a business than a government entity, a popular postal service trope when it's faced with angry citizens.
POS ONE is a major USPS initiative to replace outdated postal systems with a best in class retail point of sale postal solution.
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