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POSTDOCPost Doctorate/Doctoral
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She has spent the last 4 years as a Postdoc and Group Leader at The Center for Synthetic Biology at University of Copenhagen.
She also presented a postdoc thematic model on 'Sub-soil Hydro-Toxicology' during the NPAW proceedings of 2018, which was primed for the United Nation's World Day of Science for Peace and Development (UN-WDSPD) 2018.
Like I said, if I just want a career, a good salary, I earn more here than I earn there as a postdoc. So it really doesn't make sense that I stay there and be a trainee, when I could be a somebody here.
In our department, the educational journey from the BSc to MSc to PhD and postdoc level familiarizes students with the thought style of a particular sub-community of agricultural sciences or environmental science.
Annan et al., The 2013 Canadian Postdoc Survey: Painting a Picture of Canadian Postdoctoral Scholars, Canadian Association of Postdoctoral Scholars and Mitacs, Canada, 2013.
Firstly, we learned that the differences between graduate students, postdocs, and faculty groups are as stark as the differences between undergraduate and graduate students.
After a postdoc, other characteristics than your scientific skills will also become more and more important; project management skills, time management skills, leadership skills, administration skills, etc.
As a postdoc, she coordinated a study of early interventions.
To bring her invention to market, Dankovich, currently a postdoc in Carnegie Mellon University's Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, has founded a nonprofit called pAge Drinking Paper, and by continuing to collaborate with WATERisLIFE, she hopes to make the book available in Africa later this year.
Kemal Celebi, a postdoc in Park's laboratory and also one of the lead authors of the study, said their membrane is not only very light and flexible, but it is also a thousand fold more breathable than Goretex.
Kroonen (postdoc researcher, Scandinavian studies and historical linguistics, Copenhagen U.) has created a landmark work in this dictionary of the words in existence before the invention of English, German, Dutch and all Scandinavian languages.
The two sides discussed Sabic's technology and innovation strategy and its alignment with Kaust's programmes; the university's current and future research initiatives; existing and future collaborations and potential opportunities; and talent development sponsored by Sabic at Kaust, including students, postdoc programmes, and junior professors.