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The postoperative use of local anesthetics like ropivacaine administrated intraperitoneally can accelerate the recovery process of the patient and reduce the morbidity and mortality related to postoperative pain by dampening the autonomic, somatic and endocrine reflexes.
However, until now, few studies have evaluated the ability of acetaminophen to prevent postoperative shivering.
However, it has been well documented that carpal tunnel syndrome surgery can lead to prevalent chronic postoperative pain.
The preoperative, operative and postoperative characteristics were summarized using mean standard deviation for the numeric variables and frequency for catagorical variables (Table-1 and 2).
Any degree of surgical trauma leads to changes in the hemodynamic, metabolic, and immune response of patients during the postoperative period.
There were no statistically significant differences in terms of preoperative, early postoperative or late postoperative volume in repaired testes compared with the contralateral testes (P0.
Research on risk factors associated with postoperative mortality about Stanford Type A acute aortic dissection is numerous.
The prevalence of postoperative pain following root canal treatment has been reported to be 3-58%.
Preoperative use of pregabalin has been seen to decrease the requirement of postoperative analgesic supplements by 50% [study group 24[+ or -]14 mcg; control group 47[+ or -]28 mcg].
With an increasing number of women, including aging women (Jonsson Funk et ah, 2013) undergoing elective urogynecologic procedures, identifying reliable predictors of postoperative morbidity has become an important component of preoperative planning and counseling.
In order to avoid postoperative sepsis, empirical antibiotic therapy is commonly performed.