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POTPlan de Ordenamiento Territorial (Spanish: Zoning Plan; various nations)
POTPatients Out of Time
POTPlane of Tranquility (Everquest game)
POTPublic Off Topic
POTPoint on Tangent
POTPositional Orthostatic Tachycardia (syndrome)
POTPickle Onion Tomato
POTPlan of Test
POTPre-Overhaul Test
POTPlenty of Torrents (website)
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POTPort of Transshipment (shipping)
POTPortable Operators Terminal
POTPurchase Order Text (government procurement)
POTPhysician Optimized Treatment :-)
POTPharmaceutical Optimized Treatment :-)
POTPennsylvania-Ontario Transportation Company
POTPercent Off Tariff
POTPower-On Test
POTPurchase Order Tracking
POTPages of Testimony
POTPost-Operative Treatment
POTPlan of Treatment
POTMicrosoft PowerPoint Template (file extension)
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POTProof of Technology
POTPremium Overtime
POTPeak of Tension (polygraph testing)
POTPrinciples of Technology
POTPosition of Trust (Australia)
POTPoint of Transaction
POTPoint of Tangency
PoTPower Over Time (gaming)
POTPolska Organizacja Turystyczna (Polish: Polish Tourist Organization)
POTPart of Term (education)
POTPrince of Tennis (anime)
POTPort of Toledo
POTPort of Tauranga (New Zealand)
POTPlain Old Telephone (service)
POTPlenty of Time
POTPoint Of Termination
POTPolskiej Organizacji Turystycznej (Polish: Polish Tourist Organization)
References in classic literature ?
Born of roses, fed on dew, Charms and potions canst thou brew?
It is only a sleeping potion," said the enchantress to Prince Jason.
And when he fell ill the wrong potion was put in the glass by his bedside, and he died.
The first act of the Witch was to make the boy drink a potion which quickly sent him into a deep and dreamless sleep.
Nevertheless, I cannot help thinking that if we would put an improved breed of polliwogs in our drinking water, construct shallower roadways, groom the street cows, offer the stranger within our gates a free choice between the poniard and the potion, and relinquish our private system of morals, the other measures of public safety would be needless.
7) An act of communion -- the drinking of the potion here described -- was one of the most important pieces of ritual in the Eleusinian mysteries, as commemorating the sorrows of the goddess.
Will you give the little maiden a potion, that she may possess the strength of twelve men, and vanquish the Snow Queen?
Mrs Bangham submitted; and the doctor, having administered her potion, took his own.
Mr Podsnap now inquired from his station of host, as if he were administering something in the nature of a powder or potion to the deaf child; 'London, Londres, London?
Now I hear that you are a wonderful magician and have many powerful potions.
A few, who pretended to be cleverer than the rest, declared that they could diagnose sick people only from sight, ordered her certain potions, which she made no difficulty about taking, as she was persuaded they were all harmless.
One urchin shall hereafter be a doctor, and administer pills and potions, and stalk gravely through life, perfumed with assafoetida.