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POUCHPregnancy Outcomes and Community Health (NIH)
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"What was she like--the one who gave you the pouch? You must have known her very well."
"It would be ungenerous for me to admit that she was of that order and kind." He thrust the pouch back in his pocket, as if to put away the subject with the trifle which had brought it up.
"Did they embroider slippers and tobacco pouches and hat-bands and things for you?" asked Edna.
By reaching out his hand Werper could touch the spot where the pouch was buried.
Cautiously the Belgian pushed the blade downward through the loose earth above the pouch. He felt the point touch the soft, tough fabric of the leather.
Joe Pouch's widow might have done me good-- there was something in her, and something of her--but I couldn't make up my mind to it.
Thou hadst better watch thy warrant, man, or else he may steal it out of thy very pouch."
Then Robin Hood laughed aloud and quickly took the warrant from out the Tinker's pouch with his deft fingers.
He thrust his hand into his pouch, but not a scrap nor a farthing was there.
[USPRwire, Thu Aug 08 2019] A telemetry pouch is a wearable pouch used to hold a telemetry unit (cardiac monitor).
[ClickPress, Wed Jul 31 2019] Aesthetic appeal, lightweight, and convenience attributes of pre-made pouch packaging are driving their adoption, in a bid to stir consumer interest and achieve product differentiation.