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P/SPower Steering
P/SPower Supply
P/SProbability of Success
P/Spower seats
P/SPrice to Sales Ratio (Compare P/E price to earnings ratio in financial circles.)
P/SPrice/Sales Ratio
P/SPilot Station
P/SPacket Switch
P/SParallel to Serial (converter)
P/SPolyunsaturated/Saturated (fatty acid ratio)
P/SPoisson/Superfish (RF cavity accelerator)
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An automotive EHPS system is a hybrid steering system that combines the positive features of hydraulic steering systems, such as the natural smooth feel, and the fuel-efficient operations of the power steering systems, which draw power from the vehicle battery instead of the engine.
"In order to ensure safety, Tesla will proactively retrofit a power steering component in all Model S vehicles built before April 2016.
The number of complaints and claims with the power steering issue appears to be high when compared with other recent recalls that were preceded by NHTSA investigations.
Song, "Control logic for an electric power steering system using assist motor," Mechatronics, vol.
A crew from Consett arrived at about 9.30pm yesterday and dismantled the power steering system to allow a paramedic to take a closer look.
When I got my first-medium size car with power steering I did not notice a significant difference compared to manual steering.
The inspections are to check for possible residual particles in the power steering pipes which could cause the hydraulic power assistance system and its electric pump to overheat and shut down.
Mazda says that fixing the electric oil pump and the associated power steering parts will take between 90 and 110 minutes, depending on model, and will be free of charge to the customer.
A Contrary to what it says on the bottle's label, there's really no such thing as a universal power steering fluid.
Recently the power steering pump went and was replaced at a cost of pounds 570.58.
DRIVERS last night urged Mini to recall 223,000 cars over a fault which makes the power steering suddenly cut out.
The RTV1100 comes standard with Variable Hydrostatic Transmission, power steering, sturdy front guard, 4-wheel wet-disc brakes, hydraulic bed-lift system and more than 1,100 pounds of cargo-load capacity in the 16 cubic feet bed.