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Under his leadership, Power Train grew from a business with a pounds 700 million turnover to pounds 1.5 billion.
At the same time, Toyota unveiled the world's first hybrid four-wheel-drive power train, called the E-Four.
Cat's mechanical power train allows the truck to accelerate more quickly, and travel faster over a wider range of effective grades.
The engine developer subsequently took over the power train electrification division at Audi.
The Caterpillar[R] PL61 Pipelayer combines advanced power train, undercarriage and control technology with proven lifting features.
The BMW hybrid power train was developed in conjunction with General Motors and DaimlerChrysler, and BMW claims a reduction in fuel consumption by up to 20 per cent compared with a comparable BMW running on a combustion engine alone.
The scientists from Cambridge, Massachusetts, believe that one day human movement from commuters could power train services.
If you are using one power train and you come to a hill and start to lose momentum, you can simply engage the second power train, and double the power and away you go.
(TSE: 7267)(NASDAQ: HMC)(LSE: HNDA.L) has released an overview of its major next-generation power train technology and fuel economy targets for motorcycles, automobiles, and power products due to be introduced within the 9th Mid-term Plan (April 2005 to March 2008).
The Excel installation includes the power train assembly and marriage system where the appropriate drive-train is assembled off-line with the engine, gearbox, rear sub-axle and front suspension all being aligned on a specially designed fixture trolley.
The Revolution power train integrates a 35-kilowatt (47 horsepower) ambient-pressure fuel cell, 35-kilowatt nickel metal hydride buffer batteries, and four electric motors connected to the wheels with single-stage reduction gears.