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POXPlain Old XML
POXPurgeable Organic Halogens
POXPoint of Exit
POxPulse Oximetry (medicine)
POXPressure Oxidation
POXPartial Oxidation (fuel cells)
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Control of pox infection can also be attained by appropriate disinfection of equipment and premises, with affected birds being separated from the flock to prevent the transmission of the virus through scabs.
By bedtime it had been decided that it was not the Pox, and we could all revert to plan A - namely sorting Santa and Rudolph out with some nibbles and tipples and leaving out empty Christmas stockings with hearts full of hope that they'd be fit to burst but a few hours later.
Rakhimov noted the sheep pox is dangerous to humans, however so far there were no cases of human infection.
But this squirrel survived the pox, which is great news.
The doctors are mulling over carrying out a research on adult chicken pox owing to this " different pattern".
Over the entire follow-up period, the incidence rate of chicken pox in this cohort was 9 to 10 times lower than corresponding rates in unvaccinated children of the same age in the pre-vaccine era.
Lead researcher Dr Sepideh Gholami, from Stanford University in California, US, said: "The reason we used the vaccinia virus is it is a member of the small pox family, and, as we know, small pox vaccine has been given to millions of people to eradicate small pox.
The Republicans, a talkative lot, advocate 'less laws' and make taxpayers fund a couple of 'peace' wars (pay pack pax)--a toxic pox of a tax paid 'peace', say Democrats--while at the same time cutting taxes [for the rich].
It also offers a positive readacross for other gold producers, such as Petropavlovsk, which is due to implement POX technology at Pokrovsky in 2013.
Summary: DUBAI - A vaccine to prevent chicken pox among children has been introduced in the UAE's national immunisation programme, the health ministry announced on Tuesday.
My three-year-old has been struck down with chicken pox, and prompted emergency action of our own.
The aim is to ensure your child catches chicken pox when they are young as the effects aren't so severe.