pp50Phosphorylated Form of p50
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With moderate HTPS duration, the nucleation density can be slightly enhanced which leads to a smaller average spherulite size in core region of PP50 compared with that of PP0.
1, some brighter grains locate sporadically in both core region of PP50 (shown by yellow arrows).
an increasing trend in a PP75 condition would be considered stable if it was to be followed by a PP50 condition).
Melt strength testing of the polypropylene and composites PP10, PP20, PP30, PP40 and PP50 was accomplished on a Gottfert Rheotens melt strength testing unit.
Supports over 1 million packets per second and over 60,000 associations of SCTP traffic on just three of the 16 available processing cores of the PP50 blade
Then, the pressure was released and the samples were immersed in a glycerin bath for 20 seconds at 133 [degrees] C (for HDPE and PP10 specimens), for 20 seconds at 140 [degrees] C (for PP50 specimen), and for 10 seconds at 160 [degrees] C (for PP90 and iPP specimens).
The introduction of Trillium FastPath on the PP50 represents an innovative and important milestone in the company's LTE-focused product set.
The PP50 Snow3G mezzanine also supports a high-performance TCAM for conducting fast look-ups and providing pattern-matching capabilities.
Continuous Computing's value-added load balancing software can be ordered pre-installed on the FM40 and PP50 blades and is now available as an integrated solution within its FlexTCA systems.
The PP50 is integrated with the FlexCore[TM] ATCA-FM40 10GbE base / fabric switch as part of the FlexTCA system to provide the highest levels of packet processing in order to implement new DPI applications.
The PP50, FM40, and XE50 have been designed to deliver optimum system performance as the foundation of a FlexTCA system.