PPHMPeregrine Pharmaceuticals, Inc (stock symbol)
PPHMPanhandle Plains Historical Museum (Canyon, TX)
pphmParts Per Hundred Million
PPHMPatterson Palmer Hunt Murphy (law firm; New Brunswick, Canada)
PPHMPort Perry Half Marathon (Canada)
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No caso presente, estudamos os modos de producao e as relacoes entre o PPHM e o PPS.
The kinks or "knots" in the function occur at concentrations of 8 pphm (the pre-1979 national standard for total oxidants) and 12 pphm (the current national standard for one-hour ozone concentrations).
Specific mention of an all-time high (56 pphm) may refer to Riverside in 1970 where the smog-month 3 highest readings -- reported in Table A and depicted in Graph A -- averaged 53 pphm.
Contract notice: Provision laying directional road signs, pphm, police, constructional, local info signage and bicycle facilities.
Wide concentration ranges of 30 to 250 pphm or 50 to 200 ppm and low temperature environments from -20[degrees]C to 60[degrees]C are available to satisfy different user requirements.
Dynamic ozone testing was performed using the procedure described using ASTM D 3395 at 40[degrees]C with 50 pphm of ozone.
Ozone concentrations are controlled continuously and automatically up to 200 pphm (or higher), with chamber temperatures up to 70[degrees]C and optionally relative humidity up to 80%.
Contract notice: Detailed inspections of bridges and pphm (gantry cranes and high masts) on the departmental network.
Thus, ozone concentrations in the terrestrial atmosphere vary between 0-10 pphm, depending on the season and geographic locations.
Tranche 1: directional signaling works on the A21: 6 registers changes PPHM and Support I, destroying one top-mast and jib 1, implantation of three top-mast and gantry 1.
Whilst 1MDB has previously confirmed that it suffered from a cash-flow mismatch in 2015, the company reiterates its previous confirmation on 21 March 2016, that all payments to PPHM under the contract are current and that there are no amounts outstanding.
All materials investigated in this study displayed superior resistance to surface cracking after exposure to 200 pphm ozone at 40 [degrees] C, 20% strain for 168 hours.