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PPMParts Per Million
PPMPages Per Minute
PPMPay Per Minute
PPMPounds (Mass) Per Minute
PPMPulse-Position Modulation
PPMPerl Package Manager
PPMPortable Pixel Map
PPMPiecewise Parabolic Method
PPMPhysician Practice Management
PPMPrediction by Partial Matching
PPMPence Per Minute
PPMPeople's Progressive Movement
PPMPeter, Paul, & Mary
PPMPermanent Pacemaker
PPMPersonally Procured Move
PPMPeriodic Permanent Magnet
PPMPackages Per Minute (packaging machinery specifications)
PPMPeak Program Meter (ITU-T)
PPMPolicy & Procedure Manual
PPMPartido Popular Monárquico
PPMProject Planning Matrix
PPMProfessional Photographers of Michigan
PPMPeriodic Pulse Metering
PPMPath Probability Method
PPMPrinciple Period of Maintenance
PPMPervasive Performance Management
PPMPerformance Prediction Model
PPMPersekutuan Pengakap Malaysia
PPMPollution and Process Monitoring Ltd (UK)
PPMPasadena Pro Musica (singing group)
PPMPartial Program Manager
PPMProduction or Processing Method (environment)
PPMProgressive Phase Maintenance
PPMParamus Park Mall (Paramus, New Jersey)
PPMPacket Processor Module
PPMPartie Progressive de la Martinique (French: Martinique Progressive Party)
PPMPeople Power Movement (Philippines)
PPMPulsaciones Por Minutos (Spanish: Pulses Per Minute)
PPMPersonal Profile Manager (database; Avaya)
PPMPeriod of Performance and Maintenance
PPMPump Performance Monitoring (Lucent)
PPMPrimary Propulsion Manager
PPMPort Power Supply Module (Telabs)
PPMPilot Production Model
PPMPersonnel & Property Manager
PPMPlanar Periodic Metallization
PPMPencil Marks in Margin (philatelic imperfection)
PPMProcurement Policy Memorandum
PPMPromina Processor Module
PPMPresentation and Personalization Management
PPMPrediction by Pattern Matching
PPMProduct Process Model (SAP)
PPMPropulsion Plant Manual
PPMProgram Progress Meeting
PPMPilot Performance Measurement
PPMPIM PAM Management
PPMPlanned Preventive Maintenance
PPMPollution Prevention Manager
PPMProject Performance Management
PPMProduct Portfolio Management
PPMProgram Planning and Management
PPMProactive Preventive Maintenance
PPMProcess Performance Measure
PPMPulses Per Minute
PPMPrecision Parts Manufacturing (Canadian-based Hungarian company)
PPMPrivate Placement Memorandum (finance/venture capital)
PPMProduct Process Management
PPMHarlequin Print Production Manager (software)
PPMPlanning and Performance Management (various organizations)
PPMPost Program Monitoring (International Monetary Fund)
PPMPortable People Meter (Arbitron Inc. audience measurement system)
PPMProject and Program Management (Army Corps of Engineers)
PPMPreproduction Model
PPMPublic Policy and Management
PPMPostings Per Month (USENET)
PPMProject Procurement Manager (various companies)
PPMPrice Per Month
PPMPreplanning Meeting
PPMPower Policy Manager (computing)
PPMPlease Please Me (Beatles album)
PPMPurchase Price Multiple (mergers and acquisitions)
PPMProcessor Power Management (computing)
PPMPoints Per Minute
PPMProject Portfolio Management
PPMPersonnel Policy Manual (various organizations)
PPMProcess Performance Manager (ARIS)
PPMProject Progress Meeting
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This sample contains 131 ppm Sn, 34 ppm W, 17 ppm Mo, ~10 ppm Cs, 115 ppm Cu, ~32 ppm Bi, 35 ppm As, 50 ppm Th, and ~25 ppm U (Appendix B).
High levels of arsenic were detected in Baolishi #20 (green case) with 497 ppm, Baolishi #20 (golden case) 450 ppm and Baolishi #20 (yellow case) with 421 ppm.
Across strike, multiple mineralised zones with grades in excess of 400 ppm U3O8 occur within the broader mineralised alaskite with a U3O8 background of approximately 200 ppm.
Just as the ability of a ppm to raise price above MC is constrained by the size of the price elasticity of demand of its consumers, so the ability of a rpm to lower the wage it offers below MRP is similarly constrained by the wage elasticity of supply of its workers.
When 50 ppm of the fluoropolymer was added, extrusion proceeded indefinitely with no measurable die build-up.
A second set of experiments was conducted to determine the effects of trace amounts of Sb present in the range of 0-500 ppm.
Metier, the PPM Company[TM], today announced the launch of PPM Central[TM], a pivotal offering in the company's workforward[R] vision.
For lead, the top 10 samples that contained the chemical beyond the allowed limit were Baolishi #20 (green case) with 18,500 ppm, Baolishi #20 (golden case) 15,600 ppm, Baolishi #20 (yellow case) 14,000 ppm, Baolishi #20 (red case) 3,337 ppm, Baolishi #20 (yellow case) 3,258 ppm, Monaliza #20 (pink case) 2,796 ppm, Monaliza #20 (golden case) 2,613 ppm, Monaliza #20 (with cartoon case) 2,142 ppm, Kiss Beauty #7 383 ppm, Kiss Beauty #8 208 ppm and Miss Beauty #7 with 72 ppm.
The concentration of essential metal ions (Na, K, Ca and Mg) was found to be in range of 119-366, 4-6, 16-56 and 10-58 ppm respectively.
7 to 554 parts per million (ppm), exceeding the government's "allowable limit" of 1 ppm for cosmetics.