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PRRPennsylvania Railroad
PRRPrairie (street suffix)
PRRPattern Recognition Receptor (immunology)
PRRProduction Readiness Review
PRRPulse Repetition Rate
PRRPersonal Role Radio
PRRPure Reason Revolution (band)
PRRPressure Regulator
PRRPolicy Research Report (Worldbank)
PRRPathogen Recognition Receptor (biology)
PRRPeachtree Road Race (10K footrace; Atlanta, GA, USA)
PRRPreliminary Requirements Review
PRRProfiling Reflectance Radiometer (optical instrument measuring upwelling and downwelling light in a water column)
PRRPseudo Response Regulator (cell physiology)
PRRProgram Requirements Review
PRRPreventive Resin Restoration (dentistry)
PRRPacket Reception Ratio
PRRPrison Release Reoffender
PRRProblem Reporting and Resolution (quality management)
PRRPriority Round Robin
PRRProduction Revision Record
PRRPassenger Reservation Request
PRRPrimary Reference Receiver (Datum)
PRRPacific Road Runners (Canada)
PRRPressure Rise Rate
PRRPacket Resource Request
PRRPersonnel Requirements Report
PRRProblem Resolution Report
PRRProgram Readiness Review
PRRPersonnel Replacement Requirements
PRRParts Replacement Request
PRRProperty Rights Research
PRRPersonnel Readiness Review (US Army)
PRRProduction Revision Request
PRRPilot Record Request
PRRProtective Response Recommendation
PRRPersonnel Resource Roster
PRRPyrochemical Reduction
PRRPuerto Rico Supreme Court Reports
PRRProduct Review Report
PRRProcessing Rheology Ratio (thermoplastic olefinic compositions)
PRRPredictive-Ratio Risk (software reliability)
PRRPoker Room Review
PRRPlanned Reenlistment or Retirement
PRRPeer Review Report (various organizations)
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The Omahas were once one of the numerous and powerful tribes of the prairies, vying in warlike might and prowess with the Sioux, the Pawnees, the Sauks, the Konsas, and the Iatans.
At one time, when pursuing a war party by their tracks across the prairies, he repeatedly discharged his rifle into the prints made by their feet and by the hoofs of their horses, assuring his followers that he would thereby cripple the fugitives, so that they would easily be overtaken.
I felt that in traversing the Prairies, I could never abandon myself to the scene, forgetful of all else; as I should do instinctively, were the heather underneath my feet, or an iron-bound coast beyond; but should often glance towards the distant and frequently-receding line of the horizon, and wish it gained and passed.
To kick off the Prairie Garden Initiative, Prairie Organic Spirits hosted an intimate cocktail event in June, unveiling four signature cocktails created by New York establishments Jacob's Pickles and Prospect, which will be featured as limited-time cocktails available through the summer season only.
He has decoded their language and says humans can learn prairie dog tongue within two hours, (http://www.
However, flushing dog lovers can put themselves in the right place at the right time and deploy proven strategies for excellent results on prairie grouse.
The black-footed ferret's diet consists almost exclusively of prairie dogs another species that lives only in North America.
At the College Park Prairie, Jaime Gonzalez, community education director at the Katy Prairie Conservancy, clips the withering blossoms off of rough coneflowers, which are now rich with seeds.
He has spent decades decoding the communication system of Gunnison's prairie dogs, a species native to the Four Corners region of the U.
Prior to joining La Prairie, Le Gloan was with Christian Dior as managing director, Asia and Japan.
Texas Trust has been serving the community of Grand Prairie for more than 20 years.
The prairie ecosystem of North America once stretched over 100 million hectares, from southern Canada to the Gulf of Mexico and from west of the Appalachian mountains to the Rockies.