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PRFAPrairie Falcon (Falco mexicanus)
PRFAPercutaneous Radiofrequency Ablation
PRFAProperty Rights Foundation of America, Inc.
PRFAPollution Removal Funding Authorization
PRFAPeace River Forage Association (British Columbia, Canada)
PRFAPortland Rose Festival Association (Oregon)
PRFAPoverty Reduction Framework Arrangement
PRFAPollution Removal Funding Agreement
PRFAPorsche Racing Frog Association
PRFAPollution Response Funding Authorization
PRFAPublic Recreational Facilities Authority
PRFAPhilip R. Friedman and Associates LLP
PRFAPreferential Radio Frequency Ablation (breast cancer treatment)
PRFAPulsed Radio Frequency Amplifier
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WildLands Defense and Prairie Falcon Audubon in 2017 appealed the Bureau of Land Management's decision involving 18 permittees on 21 allotments that would have destroyed native plants on what are called the Berger Allotments.
The flight would expose the bird to a slightly greater risk of being picked off by a red-tailed hawk or prairie falcon, but the higher densities of pheasants around the corn are more likely to attract a variety of predators, avian and otherwise.
* Cody, a 17-year-old wild prairie falcon, flew for a record nine seasons until 2001 and remains in the Academy's mews.
Lightning - a cross between a European Gyr falcon and a North American Prairie Falcon - failed to return to his wrist.
She then describes the characteristics of six species of falcons from North America: the American Kestrel, Merlin, Aplomado Falcon, Prairie Falcon, Peregrine Falcon, and Gyrfalcon.
A prairie falcon dives bulletlike from 2,000 feet, then pulls into a long, stealthy glide inches above a meadow to blindside a ground squirrel.
Kiesling, Voyage of the Prairie Falcon is a science fiction novel in which protagonists fleeing the hostile "Family" must escape into the emptiness of space.
Prairie Falcon (fourth in 1999 and 2000 and third in 2001) and Big Moment (second in 2003 and third in 2004) are others who have posted big showings in the race.
Barry Hills's Prairie Falcon, who was sixth last year, is also among the 76 entries, with Distant Prospect (seventh), Big Moment (ninth), Sun Bird (12th).
Sentry, a 10-1 chance, came with a late run under Dettori to see off Prairie Falcon, who had done the donkey work .
Sentry, a 10-1 chance, came with a late run under Dettori to see off Prairie Falcon who had done the donkey work at the head of affairs.