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PRPuerto Rico (US postal abbreviation)
PRPress Release
PRPurchase Request
PRParaná (Brazilian state)
PRPartial (METAR descriptor)
PRParks and Recreation
PRPrint (Hyper Logo command)
PRPrint (assembly language ASM51 assembler control)
PRPartner (IRB)
PRPrinter (Apple II command)
PRProgress Report
PRPermanent Resident
PRPressure Regulator (valve)
PRPark Ridge
PRPull Request (computer programming)
PRPattern Recognition
PRPageRank (Google search technology)
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PRProblem Report
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PRPrimary Responsibility
PRProgesterone Receptor
PRPower Rangers (cartoon)
PRPuncture Resistant (footwear)
PRPacket Radio
PRPersonal Representative
PRPrice Reduction
PRPartial Response
PRPreview Release (a post-beta software program)
PRParental Responsibility (Children Act 1989; UK)
PRPrinceton Review
PRProportional Representation
PRPart Request
PRPatrick Roy (former hockey goalie)
PRPakistan Railways
PRPressure Ratio
PRPerformance Rating (processors)
PRPaper Round
PRPro Rata (Latin: in proportion to)
PRPhilippine Airlines
PRProblem Resolution
PRPulse Rate
PRPartial Remission (oncology)
PRPathogenesis-Related (proteins)
PRPresidência da República (Portugal)
PRPrayer Request
PRPseudo Random
PRPartial Resistance
PRParachute Rigger (USN Rating; obsolete)
PRPeoples' Republic
PRPresidente da República (President of the Republic)
PRPostoperative Recurrence (surgery)
PRPine-Richland (Pennsylvania school district)
PRPatent Rules
PRPresidente da República (Portuguese: President of the Republic)
PRPresidente da República (Portuguese President)
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PRPrecipitation Radar
PRPartial Reconfiguration
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PRPoint Roberts (Washington)
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PRPersonal Radio
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PRProgram Resource
PRPrevalence Rate
PRPreliminary Review
PRPorter Ranch (California)
PRPurchase Requisition
PRPolicy Region
PRProduct Request
PRPhantom Regiment (Drum and Bugle Corps, Rockford, Illinois)
PRPrevalence Ratio
PRPhotographic Reconnaissance Aircraft (US Air Force)
PRPax Romana (Latin: Roman Peace)
PRPassive Ranging
PRNewspaper Tax (Scott Catalogue prefix; philately)
PRPetit Robert (French dictionary)
PRPhosphate Rock
PRPrandtl Number
PRProjekt Revolution (Linkin Park tour)
PRPer Rectum (method of medication)
PRPharmaceutical Representative (journal)
PRPesticide Registration (EPA)
PRPriority Records (record label)
PRPoisson's Ratio
PRPour Remercier (French: to express thanks)
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PRPercentile Rank
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PRpump room (tankers)
PRReceived Power
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PRProcurement Request
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PRPolicy Record
PRPhoto Resist
PRPhotochemical Reaction
PRPosition Reference
PRProject Revolution (gaming, Warcraft IIITotal Conversion)
PRProduct Record
PRPeriodic Reinvestigation
PRPershing Rifles (honorary military fraternity founded in 1894 by General John J. Pershing)
PRPer Rectal (examination of a patient)
PRPosition Release (AT&T)
PRPsychopathic Records (CD label)
PRPressure Recorder
PRPurchaser's Right
PRProthrombin Ratio
PRPulmonic Regurgitation
PRPunjab Regiment (Pakistan)
PRPosting Reference
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PRPayload Recorder (US NASA)
PRPyrolytic Release Experiment
PRPneumatic Ram
PRPolarization Rotator
PRPunctum Remotum (Latin: far point of accommodation)
PRPhoto Reflectance
PRPlanned Requirement
PRPusher Robot (gaming)
PRPlanet Replay (media/electronics store)
PRPreventive Replacement
PRPotomac Runners (Washington, DC area running group)
PRParameter Redundancy
PRPatrol Vessel, River Gunboat (US Navy)
PRProcedural Reflection
PRProfundo Rosso (movie)
PRPitch Runner (baseball)
PRParti Républicaine (French: Republican Party)
PRParti Republikan (Republican Party; political party, Albania)
PRPath Restorable
PRPonti Radio PR SpA (Italy)
PRProcurement/Purchase Request
PRPrototyping Request
PRPower Repeatability (Agilent)
PRPeriodogram Roughness (economics)
PR(USN Rating) Aircrew Survival Equipmentman
PRPersonal Reschedule
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Therefore, urushiol praseodymium chelate compound came into being.
The purpose of the investigation is to study the effect of Praseodymium ions substitution for nickel cobalt ions on structural, electrical and dielectric properties of NixCO1-xPryFe2-yO4 ferrites to make these ferrites suitable for switching and memory storage devices applications.
Ardizzone, <<Yellow Pr-zircon pigments: The role of praseodymium and of the mineralizer,>> Journal of the European Ceramic Society, vol.
The most applicable are "light metals" (lanthanum, cerium, praseodymium and neodymium), less often--"medium" (samarium, europium, gadolinium, terbium, dysprosium, holmium), even less--"heavy" (erbium, thulium, ytterbium, lutetium).
de Jager, "Two photon luminescence with ultraviolet excitation of trivalent praseodymium," J.
2) In addition to Al, La, praseodymium (Pr), europium (Eu), gadolinium (Gd), terbium (Tb), erbium (Er) and ytterbium (Yb) in root apices can also activate malate release from wheat roots from an Altolerant wheat line.
Crystallization and spherulitic growth of gadolinium, praseodymium, and mixed didymium heptamolybdate in silica gel medium [17, 18] have been investigated by many workers.
Gomez, "A graphical derivative approach to the photometric determination of lutetium and praseodymium in mixtures," Talanta, vol.
* Rare earth elements, neoclymium, praseodymium, dysprosium and terbium, used in permanent magnets in computers and wind turbines;
Praseodymium Pr 59 high-strength metals used in aircraft engines, fiber optic cables, carbon arc lighting, provides colors to glasses and enamels, welder's masks, lighters, magnets, lasers.
FREIGHT ON BOARD CHINESE DOMESTIC MATERIAL PRICES (USD/kg) PRICES (USD/kg) Lanthanum 66.46 18.28 Cerium 59.31 20.65 Neodymium 244.23 122.76 Praseodymium 209.62 106.94 Samarium 95.31 14.48 Dysprosium 2032.31 1085.35 Europium 3800.00 2228.38 Terbium 2973.85 1767.93 GRAPH 02 PERCENTAGEOF GLOBAL PRODUCTION (MINING) OF KEY MATERIALS WITHIN A SINGLE COUNTRY SOURCE: U.S.