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PREMOBpre-mobilization (US DoD)
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Mobilization resulted in a significant increase in respiratory reserve when compared with pre-mobilization values (t = -5.
In preparation for their pre-mobilization training, the Camp Dodge traffic management team of the Iowa National Guard coordinated the consolidation of cargo from the state's five armories; the cargo's transportation to Camp Shelby, Mississippi; and the planned backhaul to Iowa at the completion of training.
The following commentary includes insights from the project with hopes that others might find value as they face pre-mobilization logistics operations of a similar scope.
7 million dollars of equipment, conducted a three week NETEX, orchestrated a month long pre-mobilization training event, fielded the Phoenix satellite terminal, and prepped, blocked, and braced nearly 400 pieces of equipment to be railed to the Port of Charleston, upon which it would be loaded onto a boat headed to Kuwait.
We observe/ control pre-mobilization training, and if the training was done to standard we certify that to the state's Adjutant General and the commander of their mobilization (MOB) site.
MAJ Tyson Andrew Johnson is the S-3 for the South Carolina Army National Guard Pre-Mobilization Training Assistance Element at Fort Jackson, South Carolina.
The lack of formal or informal G2X training during our pre-mobilization was a disappointing experience.
A veteran of the Iraq conflict, McAllister is a member of the Indiana National Guard and is currently deployed with its pre-mobilization training and assistance element.
Maintenance support may also include transient and rotational units, aircraft participating in joint training exercises, mobilization, pre-mobilization aircraft and approved Foreign Military Sales (FMS) cases.
Prior to September 11, 2001, training support to RC units was determined by a predictable monthly and annual cycle of events encapsulated in the "Training Support XXI" (TS XXI) goal of meeting pre-mobilization readiness objectives.
Reservists must expect federalization and should, therefore, plan and execute a pre-mobilization regimen designed to prevent the process of activation from becoming, as more than one commander stated, "more difficult and stressful than the actual fighting.
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