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PREMOBpre-mobilization (US DoD)
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The most recent NDAA and the 2017 Forever GI Bill corrected some of these inequalities, such as eligibility for pre-mobilization health care and transitional healthcare, eligibility for post-9/11 educational assistance, and access to rehabilitation for veterans with service-connected disabilities
63) And, Russia had no equivalent of the German Zustand der drohenden Kriegsgefahr (threatening danger of war), a pre-mobilization period that provided for enhanced military readiness measures short of large-scale reserve troop call-ups.
section]: statistically different from pre-mobilization values (p < 0.
Taking into account the comparisons among the neural evaluations pre-mobilization (EV1), post-immediate (EV2), twenty minutes (EV3) and an hour after neural mobilization (EV4), no significant difference (p > 0.
This effectively reduces post-mobilization training from a 90- to 120-day period to just 60 days and places greater emphasis on pre-mobilization training.
4) An actor playing the part of an Afghan is questioned by troops of the 1st Battalion 181st Regiment as they take part in pre-mobilization training at Camp Edwards, in preparation for duty in Afghanistan.
The Department is currently performing an internal assessment of existing processes, which includes consideration of a single departmental coordinator, additional dedicated CERP managers and contracting personnel in theater, and increased pre-mobilization and in-country training.
1, 2008 in order to participate in the mandatory pre-mobilization training scheduled Sept.
Two captains I brought with me to the course are team leaders in our Pre-Mobilization Training Element (PTAE) (two other team leaders would have attended, but they were at other training elsewhere--they will attend the SDM course in September of this year).
for more than two months for pre-mobilization training before deploying to Iraq, where they will clear roads and provide other infrastructure support.
Opening the curriculum to include pre-mobilization training for deploying teams seemed to be the logical next step.
Pre-mobilization readiness rates were found to be unsatisfactory.
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