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PredPhytophthora Ramorum Educate to Detect (tree disease program; USDA)
PredPlanning, Research, and Evaluation Division (US Census Bureau)
PredPanchayati Raj Engineering Department (National Informatics Centre; India)
PredPoverty Reduction and Economic Development (Serbia; UN Development Programme; est. 2008)
PredPredetermined Premium (insurance)
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Since cats have naturally low levels of glutathione, the theory is that they do not efficiently metabolize prednisone to prednisolone, which means the bioactive (and therapeutic) form of the medicine will not be present in as high a concentration, and therefore will be less effective at treating disease.
After enrollment, dogs will be randomized to either receive prednisone alone or prednisone in combination with the study drug.
TST measurements and prednisone and methotrexate doses and treatment durations were recorded.
Here, we reported two cases of grade 4 hypokalemia associated with abiraterone therapy despite concurrent administration of prednisone at 10 mg/d.
"These are chronic conditions, and the patient will continue to require prednisone, and they'll get more and more side effects, which could have been avoided if someone had done a more thorough investigation."
Comparison of paw swelling values between diseased control group and prednisone treated group (P 0.0012) revealed that prednisone had suppressed the paw swelling.
In another study Adour and colleagues observed that 92% of their patients regained normal facial movements after a 10-day course of acyclovir (400mg orally five times daily) and prednisone (60mg/day by mouth for 5 days, then tapered off by 10mg/day for 5 days)17.
Adverse effects of prednisone are well-documented for several systems and/or for specific diseases.
There are potentially grave consequences from such a practice change: the raw data from the study yield an NNH (number needed to harm) of 43 for using single-dose dexamethasone instead of 5-day prednisone. This is a worrying statistic for a condition that is both common and potentially lethal, especially when one notices that the study's loss to follow-up (an attempted phone call at 2 weeks) was nearly twice as high in the dexamethasone group as in the prednisone group.
Docetaxel and estramustine compared with mitoxantrone and prednisone for advanced refractory prostate cancer.
(25) Delayed-release (DR) or modified-release prednisone, taken at bedtime, is formulated to enable timed delivery of prednisone during the early morning, which augments endogenous cortisol and thereby aims to target the inflammatory circadian pattern of the disease (Fig.