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He began his preliminary stare with a conscious sense of power, and, as it appeared to have immediate effect on the girl, he felt an ever-growing conviction of ultimate victory.
The only way of providing against this contingency was to send in my name without asking any preliminary questions, and to let him know, at the same time, that I had a serious motive for wishing to see him at that late hour.
We may end our preliminary catalogue with BELIEF, by which I mean that way of being conscious which may be either true or false.
All the above remarks are merely preliminary, and will be expanded later.
Preliminary information about 'Sejanus:' Of the characters in the play the following are patriots, opposed to Sejanus: Agrippina, Drusus, the three boys, Arruntius, Silius, Sabinus, Lepidus, Cordus, Gallus, Regulus.
The ring was on her hand, the Bishop's benediction had been given, the bridesmaids were a-poise to resume their place in the procession, and the organ was showing preliminary symptoms of breaking out into the Mendelssohn March, without which no newly-wedded couple had ever emerged upon New York.
Basketball: Women's Tournament Preliminary Round, Group A: China vs Czech Republic.
The nonrequesting spouse can file a written protest and seek an Appeals conference, by requesting it in writing within 30 calendar days of the mailing date of the preliminary determination notice.
TRIPLES - Preliminary Round: Yorkshire v Lancashire.
Teachers who qualify must meet one of the following requirements: entering eight or more of their students in the district finals (second preliminary/semi-finals), having two students participating in the finals, entering six or more students in the district finals (second preliminary/semi-finals) and also having one student participate in the finals, or having 120 points or more (since 1977) in PTNA Piano Competition District Preliminary (First Preliminary), PTNA Step and PTNA Official Piano Performance Examination.
The preliminary investigation gleans sufficient information for DOJ attorneys to evaluate the incident with the least amount of disruption to the police officer's daily routine.
As soon as we set the date for our preliminary audit, I send a memo to all of the staff who will be involved in the audit.