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PVCPolyvinyl Chloride
PVCPermanent Virtual Circuit
PVCPremature Ventricular Contraction
PVCPermanent Virtual Connection
PVCPro Vice Chancellor
PVCPocket Velcro Closure
PVCProduct Value Chain
PVCPressure-Volume Curve (diagnostic test)
PVCPigment Volume Concentration
PVCParam Vir Chakra (gallantry award; India)
PVCPrivate Virtual Circuit
PVCPeripheral Vasoconstriction
PVCPublic Venture Capital
PVCPremature Ventricular Complex
PVCPrimary Visual Cortex (neurology)
PVCPoetry vs. Comedy (variety show)
PVCPhoto Voltaic Cell
PVCPulmonary Venous Congestion
PVCPrice Variation Clause
PVCPre-Veterinary Club (various schools)
PVCPrime Vendor Contract
PVCPresent Value Calculation
PVCPlayers Vacation Club (San Diego, CA)
PVCPropane Vehicle Council
PVCPotential Volume Change
PVCPleasant View Church (various locations)
PVCParent Volunteer Coordinator (various locations)
PVCProvincetown, MA, USA - Provincetown Municipal Airport (Airport Code)
PVCPerivascular Cuffing (neuropathology)
PVCPrivate Virtual Connection (BT)
PVCPsychic Vampire Codex (Michelle Belanger book)
PVCPigment Volume Content
PVCPoint of Vertical Curve
PVCPrism Video Converter (NCH software)
PVCPleasant Valley Cemetery (Crawford County, Kansas)
PVCPhotovoltaic Control
PVCPulmonary Valve Closure
PVCPressure/Vent Control
PVCPressure Vacuum Chamber
PVCPostal Vending Machine
PVCPosition and Velocity Computer
PVCPresión Venosa Capilar
PVCPerformance Value Chain
PVCPotential Voltage Change
PVCPressão Venosa Arterial (Portugese)
PVCPressure Volume Compensator
PVCPride of the Valley Chorus (Fox River Valley, WI, USA)
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Successful transseptal catheter ablation of premature ventricular contractions arising from the mitral annulus: a case with a pure annular origin.
TABLE Characteristics of patients with PVCs who are at higher risk of cardiac disease/death PATIENT CHARACTERISTICS LOWER RISK HIGHER RISK Morphology Unifocal PVCs Complex multifocal PVCs <10 PVCs per hour Ventricular tachycardia Ventricular fibrillation >10 PVCs per hour Symptoms Asymptomatic Palpitations Presyncope Syncope Preexisting None Known history of CAD conditions Structural heart disease Valvular heart disease Cardiomyopathy CAD, coronary artery disease, PVCs, premature ventricular contractions.
2D-ECHO, Bi-dimensional echocardiogram; BMI, body mass index; CK, creatinine kinase; CRP, c-reactive protein; CV, conduction velocity; DCM-CD, dilated eardiomyopathy with conduction defect disease; EDMD, Emery Dreifuss Muscular Dystrophy; ECG, electroeardiogram; EMG, needle electromyogram; LMNA, laminA/C; LGMD, limb girdle muscular dystrophy; LVEF, left ventricular ejection fraction; METs, metabolic equivalents; MU, motor unit; MUGA, multigated acquisition; NE, nuclear envelope; PVC's, premature ventricular contractions
During April 19-25, in addition to MI, nine other serious adverse events were reported: one case of respiratory distress, one case of coronary artery disease, one case of angina, one case of persistent fatigue, one case of premature ventricular contractions, and four cases of headache (Table 2).
He reported on 26 patients with stable New York Heart Association functional class II or III congestive heart failure (CHF) and at least 200 premature ventricular contractions per 24 hours at baseline.
Two or three weeks following the patient's admission, he suffered increasing episodes of premature ventricular contractions (PVCs) and bradycardia (a slow heart rate).
For the past 15 years I've known that I have a mild mitral valve prolapse (MVP), with premature ventricular contractions (PVCs) that I can feel.
Excessive use can cause premature ventricular contractions (Greden, 1974; Greden, Victor, Fontaine, & Lubetsy, 1980).
sup][19] found that responder status predicted single premature ventricular contractions (PVCs) and PVC runs but did not predict VT/VF episodes.
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