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PMXPartially Mapped Crossover (genetic algorithms, Computer science)
PMXPacket Multiplexer
PMXPreprocessor for MusiXTeX (music software)
PMXPureMessage for Unix (Sophos PLC)
PMXPulsar Multiplex
PMXPresentation Manager for the X Window System
PMXPalmer, Massachusetts (Airport Code)
PMXPaired Mesoderm Homeobox
PMXProfit Maximization (economics)
PMXPast Medical History
PMXPrivate Message Exchange
PMXPersonal Message Exchange
PMXPhysical Modeling Extension (Daisy Systems)
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Pasco noted that, currently, there are about 110 premix suppliers, distributors and manufacturers in the Philippines.
Cargill particularly invested US$12 million, or more than 600 million in Philippine peso terms, to open the plant where 50 newly hired local employees will produce animal nutrition premix solutions to be made available under the Provimi brand.
Business ( Article MRec ), pagematch: 1, sectionmatch: 1 Chuck Warta, president of Cargill Premix and Nutrition, said Southeast Asia is a fertile ground for business because of its growing population and income.
Target: Lycored/China and United Kingdom Premix operations
The facility - designed to deliver 20,000 metric tons of premix solutions per year - is slated for completion by the third quarter of 2017.
ADM will manufacture an estimated 30,000 metric tons of premix products per year at the Zhangzhou facility, which will also provide 80,000 metric tons of additional capacity for the production of complete feeds and concentrates.
Sagent board chairman and chief executive officer, Jeffrey Yordon, stated that the firm is pleased to receive the approval of Zoledronic Acid Injection four mg in the improved packaging option of a ready-to-use premix bag.
With the gluten and wheat free market now one of the fastest growing food sectors in the UK, Isabel's Naturally Free From batter premix is the latest addition to the company's rapidly growing portfolio of 'free from' home-bake premixes.
The study population consisted of a total of 122 type 2 diabetic patients who were commenced on insulin treatment for the first time either with insulin lispro premix 50/50 three times daily (n=60) or insulin aspart premix 70/30 two times daily (n=62) at the outpatient clinic of endocrinology of Yeditepe University Hospital.
6 July 2010 - DSM Nutritional Products will be expanding its global premix presence during the upcoming months and expects to further strengthen its global presence in some advanced economic markets but also in emerging nations where the potential for meat consumption development is even greater in the near future.
The European Commission authorised, on 25 September, the acquisition byaDutch-based Nutreco,aone of the world's leading manufacturers of animal feed premixes, of parts of the animal feed premix business of the German company BASF Aktiengesellschaft in the same sector.
Conductive TPEs from Premix Oy in Finland are now available in North America through TPE Solutions Inc.